Wall Tile Adhesive

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Once you've chosen your wall or floor tiles, it's time to securely fix them in place, ready for the grouting process to begin. We have a grout selection of tile adhesive to choose from, for every surface and setting. Whether you're tiling a bathroom floor or a garden wall, we have the perfect adhesive for your tiling project.

Choosing your wall tile adhesive

When it comes to Wall Tiles, we have a wide range of adhesives available here at Walls and Floors, including heat resistant, water-resistant, quick setting and flexible options. If you’re undertaking some DIY, take a look at our range of Tools and Accessories - we have everything you need to create the perfect look in your home!

Lots of tile adhesives come in a powdered format, which means having to read the label to find out the mixing quantities, and then pouring particular parts of adhesive powder and water into a bucket, and mixing it to the right consistency. If you don’t want the fuss, then a ready-mix adhesive might be better for you!

Fixing your floor tiles

When it comes to fixing your Floor Tiles in place, it calls for a powdered adhesive, which is normally harder-setting like concrete (which is not required on wall spaces, because you won’t be applying weight to your wall tiles).