Romancing the Stone: 10 Swoonworthy Stone Effect Tiles

The idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ is a major interior design trend; inviting natural surfaces and materials into your home. However, natural stone is fairly costly, and it requires ongoing treatment and maintenance. That’s why more and more designers are opting for realistic porcelain and ceramic alternatives. Here’s my top 10 of swoonworthy stone effect tiles, moving into 2017…

1) Sasso Stone Effect Tiles

sasso stone effect tiles

Marble is synonymous with creating a grand, exclusive look in an interior space. The Sasso Stone Effect Tile collection consists of realistic marble effect designs in a library of soft, neutral colours.

2) Voronoi Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles

voronoi marble hexagon tiles

There’s nothing quite like ticking off two trends with one stone, but the Voronoi Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles collection does just that. Hexagonal shapes have beem a prominent trend for a while now, and marble is set to be the most popular stone in 2017. This porcelain tile collection combines the two – perfect for creating a vein-riddled, monochrome honeycomb design on a wall or floor.

3) Scenic Surroundings

scenic surroundings tiles

Brits love to explore the great outdoors. The tiles in the Scenic Surroundings collection take their names from picturesque landmarks from across the United Kingdom; Kilchurn Castle, Lake Bala, Hope Valley. These stone effect tiles allow you to bring a taste of the Great British countryside into your home.

4) Athena Tiles

athena tiles

Whilst stone effect tiles allow for a beautiful, natural-looking display in a kitchen, bathroom or living area, too much unbroken stone effect surface can look a little uninteresting. That’s why it’s a great idea to break up large areas of stone effect tiles with borders or décor tiles. The Athena Tiles range consists of a realistic travertine effect design, along with a striking floral patterned décor tile for injecting some interest.

5) Feral Stone Effect Tiles

feral stone effect tiles

One of the most interesting stone effect tile collections on the site, the Feral Stone Effect Tiles range offers an eye-catching mosaic effect décor piece, consisting of grey and white stone effect strips. It’s perfect for creating a focal point, feature wall, or a splashback behind a sink or cooker.

6) Coast Tiles

coast tiles

With its characterful mottled look, the Coast Tiles collection is perfect for injecting naturalistic into a bathroom space. It’s made from durable porcelain, so it’s suitable for use on both walls and floors; allowing you to transform a room from top to bottom. They come in a must-have mix of grey and cream shades.

Top tip: Use Coast Tiles to cover your bathroom walls and floors, then inject colour through your choose of towels and accessories.

7) Keystone Tiles

keystone tiles

When your guests arrive at your home, the first area that greets them is usually the hallway; so make it inviting! What could be more inviting than a natural-look floor space? With a rich slate effect design, Keystone Tiles are a winning choice for hallways and entrances.

8) Beige Relic Stone Effect Tiles

beige relic stone effect tiles

For a warm and welcoming look in your home, beige is the perfect colour choice! Beige Relic Stone Effect Tiles can be used to tie different rooms throughout your home together in one large, free-flowing floor space. Try one of the layouts for a more varied, interesting, modular look.

9) Bergen Tiles

bergen stone tiles living room

Whilst some might argue this range is ‘concrete effect,’ there’s no denying that the Bergen Tiles collection certainly has a stony look, and with its eye-catching décor tiles, it’s perfect for creating a statement floor in a living area, kitchen or bedroom. Create a charming industrial base in the room of your choosing.

10) Seventh Avenue Marble Effect Tiles

seventh avenue marble effect tiles

Returning to 2017’s most popular stone type, these Seventh Avenue Marble Effect Tiles are perfect for creating an expensive, grand look in a kitchen, bathroom or living area. Dark veining draped over a white background, they are perfect for injecting character into any floor space.

So there it is – my top 10 swoonworthy stone effects, heading into 2017! Use them to introduce the sought after natural look into your interior spaces, and be sure to enter before and after pictures of your project into our latest competition! There’s a fab prize up for grabs.

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