11 Brick and Metro Tiles You’ll Fall in Love With

Walls and Floors have more designs, colours and finishes of brick and metro tiles than anybody else. Here are 11 of the very best…

1) Antique Smooth Crackle Metro Tiles

antique smooth crackle metro tiles flat white brick shape

The idea of creating a vintage look in the home is growing in popularity year after year. With the fast-paced digital blur of modern day life, there’s something very inviting about the simpler, more wholesome promises of yesteryear!

Creating your own vintage-styled piece of paradise is easy with the right interior styling! Our collection of Antique Smooth Crackle Metro Tiles consists of tiles with a crackled glaze; giving them an aged, characterful appearance. They’re ideal for injecting some vintage chic into your bathroom or kitchen.

Order a free cut sample here: Antique Flat Crackle Metro Tiles

2) Boutique Brick Slip Tiles

elongated brick shaped tiles boutique brick slip metallic and shiny polished finish

Tiles aren’t limited to the kitchen and bathroom! With their bumpy, textured surface and glittering metallic skin, our Boutique Brick Slip Tiles are perfect for creating an eye-catching focal point in any room throughout the house.

In the picture, they’ve been used to transform the fireplace into a room-stealing feature! If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace (since most new builds are constructed without them), then you should make the most of it.

Top tip: Warm metallic tones are a trend that isn’t going anywhere!

Order a free cut sample here: Boutique Brick Slip Tiles

3) Rustic 300×100 Metro Tiles

rustic cream metro tile brick shape with a gloss finish

These Rustic 300×100 Metro Tiles have a characterful bumpy surface, which helps to inject some undulation and texture to a wall space!

It’s important to avoid having too many smooth, plain surfaces; you need to add in some texture to keep things balanced and interesting, so these bumpy metros are a great interior design tool.

Depending on the colours used, these tiles can create several different looks! Firstly, they’re great for creating a throwback vintage scheme. Secondly, they have a country farmhouse look about them. Thirdly, as shown in this bathroom, which uses a mix of blues, they create a refreshing ‘New Coracle’ nautical theme.

Order a free cut sample here: Rustic Metro 300 x 100 Tiles

4) Chenies Stone Brick Tiles

grey chenies stone effect brick shaped tile

The busy, manic whir of inner city life has left many of us longing to own a farmhouse or cutesy country cottage! Well, owning our own rural-styled escape doesn’t have to be a pipe dream any longer, thanks to the country farmhouse interior trend, where country home elements are injected into the household.

A prime example, these Chenies Stone Brick Tiles are ideal for creating the illusion of an aged, characterful, country-styled bare brick wall in a room where there isn’t one! Instantly, they transform a bathroom, lounge, kitchen or hallway into a rural retreat!

Order a free cut sample here: Avenue Tiles

5) Boutique Brick 250×50 Tiles

boutique white brick shaped tile with glossy finish

In a world where we constantly spot brick shaped metro tiles, it’s the subtle differences that really catch our eye – such as the fresh new size format offered by our gorgeous range of Boutique Brick 250×50 Tiles.

A nominee for the best tile collection in the Your Home, these elongated brick tiles have a bumpy surface; once again ideal for injecting a vintage look. When used in this kitchen to create a splashback, a mix of colours have been applied in a striking herringbone layout. This turns the wall into a captivating focal point!

Order a free cut sample here: Boutique Brick 300×75 Tiles

6) Foxed Mirror Tiles

foxed brick shape large mirror glass tiles

There’s something about glass as a material that instantly injects a luxury, voguish, ritzy appearance to a room. These Foxed Mirror Tiles consist of a coloured backing covered over by a face of glass. They add a lush mirrored look to any room throughout the home.

In this kitchen space, refreshing green touches have been added, that instantly brightens and uplifts the room.

Order your free cut sample: Foxed Mirror Tiles

7) Tones Tiles

tones wave effect light grey brick shaped metro tile

Larger than your standard brick or metro tile at 400x150mm, the Tones Tile collection offers a unique mix of plain and patterned wave tiles! Combine the two for a winning look.

You can use the wave tiles (which have a trendy linear design) to create a feature strip or you can use them to tie the room together as a border tile. Either way, surround them with their matching plain tiles, and you have yourself a luxury new look to make your friends and family jealous.

Get a free cut sample here: Tones Tiles

8) Metro 200×100 Tiles

white brick shaped metro tile 200 x 100

This wouldn’t be much of a list of metro and brick tiles if it didn’t mention our range of classic Metro 200×100 Tiles. When you think of a traditional metro tile, this is probably what you picture in your head; a ceramic brick-shaped wall tile with a bevelled edge!

Our White Metro Tile is by far the most popular, but there are over 30 colours to choose from! If you’d like to add interest to your display, try using a contrasting grout, and experiment with eye-catching layouts, like the herringbone pattern.

Order a free cut sample here: Metro 200×100 Tiles

9) Mini Metro 150×75 Tiles

mini metro blue brick shaped tile 150 x 75

If you’d like a slightly more compact design, try our range of Metro 150×75 Tiles. Our collection of classic bevelled brick tiles boasts the largest selection of colours in the UK, so no matter what your colour scheme, you’ll find the perfect tile for your project!

They’re also ideal for transforming any wall space throughout your home! As testimony to that fact, check out how fabulous these Bond Street Tiles look lining the walls of this hallway space!

Order a free cut sample here: Metro 150×75 Tiles

10) Tints Tiles

pink brick shaped tints tiles pastel colours

Pastel colour palettes have never been more popular; particularly due to their prominence in the vintage trend. When used on a wall space, they set a calming, sophisticated tone for the room. Pastel pinks offer warmth, whereas pastel blues offer a cool, chilled look.

Our Tints Tiles collection covers all bases with its pastel pink and blue smooth-faced, brick-shaped designs. Each colourway offers 20 subtly different tones which will add variety, depth and character to your chosen wall.

Order a free cut sample here: Tints Tiles

11) Chatham Tiles

chatham elongated slimline brick shaped tiles in multicolours

For a truly voguish and exclusive look in your home, look no further than our Chatham Tiles collection. A mix of gorgeous colours is available with various smokey faces – use them to create a luxurious new scheme in your bathroom, kitchen, lounge or bedroom!

In this entryway, a mix of three colours (Dark Grey, Green and Ivory) have been used together to create an intriguing, modern look.

Order a free cut sample here: Chatham Tiles

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