30 Home Styling Tips

Louisa Charlotte, our exclusive designer, has put together 30 fantastic home styling tips to help you get your interiors looking fabulous this season!

1) Beautiful Bathrooms

If you’re unsure how to decorate, try choosing a new set of White Tiles! Not only will this option provide a bright, fresh atmosphere, but also create a blank canvas for you to accessorise with your favourite colours as the seasons change!

2) Go Dark…

Don’t be afraid to take a darker hue onto the walls in smaller rooms, not only will it give a dramatic interior statement, but this will also do the opposite of what you expect and make a small room actually appear larger! Explore our selection of Black Tiles.

3) Mirror Magic

Using mirrors will create the illusion of more space whilst increasing light in darker areas. This is a great trick for making a smaller room seem both larger and brighter in an instant! We have a fab selection of Mirror Tiles to choose from.

4) Sparkle and shine

Our eyes are drawn to all that glitters. add accents of metallic shades through a mix of both accessories and surface textures to create an impressive visual impact!

5) Choose the right colours…

It is important the colour scheme you have chosen is not only complementary but the colours work cohesively with your chosen theme creating a balanced space for you to relax in…

6) Pin to plan

Create a concept board for each room using Pinterest. Select your favourite elements and build your scheme, from wall and floor coverings to soft furnishings and accessories. Not only is it quick and easy – it’s free!

7) A room with feeling

Add both texture and contrast into your decor. It’s often a balancing act that you have to adjust depending on room size, function and personal taste. Remember – you need to feel at ease in your own home.

8) Feature fabulous

Enhance the visual interest within your chosen room by introducing a feature wall! Make a statement with texture or pattern to turn a mundane space into an eye catching delight you will love spending time in. Browse our Moroccan Tiles for some inspiration.

9) Shaping it softly…

Hexagon tiles are at the forefront of the interior design world this season. They give a softer appearance as opposed to square or rectangular tiles. Combine soft shades for a delicate kitchen or bathroom splashback.

10) A little romance

Create a romantic mood in a bathroom with summer rose and putty accents. Keep the walls and floors to grey but include zones of shimmering mosaic tiles, such as a tiled bath; a chic scheme that is both beautiful and neutral.

11) The 70-20-10 Rule

For an easily balanced scheme, keep 70% of the elements (e.g. walls and floors), in one colour, then add 20% in a second colour (e.g. fabrics), and the last 10% should be an accent (e.g. accessories).

12) Make a statement…

Always add a surprise to any decor scheme. It can be as little as a piece of art, or more intense such as a feature floor or wall. It’s the sort cut to adding a ‘wow’ factor to any room.

Classico statement floor tiles

Above: Classico Daisy Bloom Pattern Tiles

13) Add warming textures

Drape fur throws and add cushions on furniture for an instant homely appearance to any room. It could easily make any space your new favourite to curl up in!

14) Shades of summer

This season’s interior colour trends are made up of pastel tones across ombre materials. Create the elements of passion and charm by using velvet, whether choosing light summery tones or rich contrasting hues.

15) Subway style

Metro tiles are always the number one choice for wall tiles. Make them unique, choose a contrasting charcoal grout, and combine with a herringbone layout for the ultimate style statement!

16) Inexpensive luxury

You’re half way through our home styling tips! Add a single sheet of mosaic tiles behind a bathroom sink to add both interest and opulence to your interior theme without the hefty price tag!

17) Nature’s return

One of the hottest trends to date is a wooden floor area – bring the outdoors inside and reap the benefits of ceramic and porcelain tiles. Create that warm inviting ambience without worrying about marks and spills.

18) Ditch the decking

Use wood effect tiles as an alternative to outdoor decking. Select a shade and layout that enhances your garden! Tiles will allow you to have a more hygienic outdoor escape, especially for pets, and the textured finish won’t go slippery like natural wood!

19) Bring the outdoors in

Get clever with your decor this summer. Think long term and bring the outdoors in! Outdoor tiles can be used as a durable alternative to wooden decking, continue your flooring outdoors giving yourself a stylish terrace to relax in the sunshine.

20) Open plan living

Try using a combination of floor tiles to zone particular areas in your home. This idea is great for open plan living as you’re able to define different areas without partitions so that your interior feels more spacious.

21) A luxury finish

Unless you really lust after natural marble, create high shine and instant glamour in your home with marble effect tiles – reap all the benefits of natural stone without the high maintenance or hefty price tag.

22) Midas glow

Give your home this Midas touch and create a lavish, warming ambience with shimmering gold mosaics that will instantly transform your chosen room into a sanctuary worthy of royalty.

23) Lighting

Don’t forget to take natural and electric light into consideration when decorating with neutral tones. For shadowed areas it may be worthwhile using a sample swatch to see if your chosen colour appears true to life.

24) Aesthetically antique

Aged wooden flooring can add a bold style statement to any room. Strength and durability however is not always possible when using natural wood. Try porcelain antique wood effect tiles!

25) It’s worth the wait

It is essential to consider the balance between price, style and schedule. Remember: it’s not always possible to have these in equal amounts.

26) Industrial styling

One of my favourite home styling tips! Raw exposed brick is on trend this year but often not possible in many homes! Create the illusion of a natural brick wall by using brick slip tiles. Select the perfect finish to suit your decor without the hassle of getting the builders in!

27) Reflective Surfaces

Metallic, mirror and iridescent finishes create real opulence and bounce light around. Group a collection of different/interesting looking glasses or jars together for just as much impact as hanging one larger expensive mirror.

28) Style on a budget

Making a strong floor statement is a good way to get high visual impact on a small budget! Encaustic or geometric tiles are eternally stylish, so make a great long-term investment.

29) Home Styling Tips: Sultry slate

Want to stick to natural stone but don’t have the budget for marble or limestone? Try slate! It’s far less expensive but still gives a lavish look; combine with darkened woodwork and ambient lighting highlighting natural textures for a sultry finish.

30) Quality over quantity

When aiming for a minimal interior space, you’re going to want to splurge when you can on high quality and well-made pieces, since you’re not trying to fit as much into a room as you can choose pieces that are unique finds!

So there you have it! 30 home styling tips to help you bring your interiors up to date this season. Share these home styling tips with your friends! Here are some more blogs we’ll think you’ll love…

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