Time at home offers the perfect time to crack on with those pesky little DIY jobs around the house. With no packed lunches and school runs to worry about with the little ones, you have a bit of free time to power through and finish those decorating tasks.

Here are 7 tile-related jobs you can complete in your free time:

1) Freshen up your kitchen with a splashback

The easiest way to transform the look of a kitchen space is to add a splashback behind the worktop, sink or hob! Colourful, patterned, or textured tiles make for perfect splashbacks, and they add plenty of character! Above, our Living Coral Tiles have been used.

2) Tile ideas: Create a statement floor in your bathroom

If it's your bathroom space that needs rejuvenating, then why not add a statement floor? Encaustic-styled pattern tiles instantly give a room all the personality it could ever need. In fact, the floor space will be so striking that you can skimp on the rest of the room by opting for cheaper, more affordable accessories! Above, our Daisy Bloom Tiles have been used to create a room-stealing focal point.

3) Make your hallway weatherproof!

The hallway is usually the space in the home that sees the most action.  People shuffle in and out all day long - and in the wetter months (which is all months in the UK, if we're being honest), lots of mud, damp and leaves get dragged in - particularly if pets are involved.

It's important, therefore, to have a flooring option that can handle lots of wear and tear and is super easy to clean. Enter floor tiles! Above, our Scintilla Black Tiles prove to be a winning design for a hall area.

4) Snazz up the fireplace

Although they have the potential be be the main focal point in a living room, fireplaces are often neglected. But its the easiest task in the world to bring them back to life. Just add tiles! Whether you're tiling the surround or created a new hearth on the floor space in front of the fire, tiles are a fantastic, heat-resistant option.

Above, our Churchill Mosaic Tiles have been used to give this fireplace a charming Downton-styled period look.  Just be sure to use Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive.

5) Inject the natural look into your dining room

tile ideas wood effect

A big interior design trend is the idea of inviting natural elements into your home. Walk around home styling shows and you'll see an abundance of woods and stones! Whilst a natural wooden floor is a nice idea, it requires lots of treatment and maintenance. That's why wood effect tiles are a fantastic, zero-effort, hard-wearing, and affordable alternative. Dine in style by inviting Honey Wood Tiles into your dining room.

6) Ditch the decking: Install a durable tiled patio

We all love to make the most of our outdoor spaces; particularly in the sunny summer months. That's why patio areas and terraces are so popular. Decking has been a favourite platform for garden areas for a few decades now, but people are fast turning towards using tiles instead.

So why is this? Well, firstly, tiles offer gripping anti slip options, whilst decking is extremely slippery and dangerous. Secondly, tiles look a lot nicer, and there are far more design options; not just long grooved planks that lack character. Thirdly, tiles clean much easier than decking, which quickly becomes clogged up with moss and dirt. Check out our full selection of Outdoor Tiles.

7) Add a luxury vinyl floor!

Made from 70% limestone, our high quality luxury vinyl floor tiles are very durable! They click together for a water tight joint. Best of all, they form a floating floor so no adhesive is needed; just pop them on top of some underlay. They can even be cut to size with a utility knife - so there's no need to invest in a costly cutter. Choose from wood and stone effect designs in our collection of Arcadia Luxury Vinyl Tiles. 

There you have it - 7 DIY and decorating projects to help you unlock your dream home and garden in your free time!