6 Ways to Style Marble Tiles

You know you want marble, but what to pair it with? Such a beautiful stone needs to be appreciated, and there are endless ways to style it to let the material’s unique nature shine through.

Whether you’re going for a classic look of luxury and extravagance, a simple, traditional look or a bold, modern appearance – we’ve got a large range of stunning tiles to suit your style!

Here are a few ways we love to style our marble effect tiles…

1) Mixed materials

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with marble! This versatile stone pairs well with other materials, for a unique look that’s sure to make for some jealous guests. Below, our Voronoi White Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles look striking against our Woven Wood Tiles for a charming, characterful appearance.

mixed materials wood and marble

2) Decked-out deluxe

Associated with expense and luxury, marble pairs beautifully with gold accessories for an indulgent look that speaks elegance and wealth. Our deluxe collection features rich, exotic marbles that pair amazingly with gold accents, as seen below with our Deluxe Gold Leaf Ultra Gloss White Marble Effect Tiles.

gold marble with gold accessories

3) Be bold with black

Looking for something a bit more dramatic? Our black marble effect tiles are extravagant and powerful, making a bold statement in any room they’re in. This dark and sultry stone also pairs beautifully with simple and sparse gold accents to create a luxurious look, as seen below with our Deluxe Obsidian Ultra Gloss Black Marble Effect Tiles.

black marble with gold shower

4) Keep it simple!

With a material as beautiful and indulgent as marble, you can keep the design minimal and let the stone speak for itself! Minimalism works well with both exotic and delicate marble veining, as this interior design trend focuses mainly on the elegance of the marble, drawing on the elements of the stone for a unique and natural look.

Below, our Deluxe Panda Gloss Black & White Marble Effect Tiles boldly stands out on their own against a matching blue bath and wall.

blue bath and walls with black and white marble

5) Make it monochromatic

White marble carries its character and charm within its veined, streaked pattern on the surface, so its beauty really shines through when you keep to the same colour scheme. This white bathroom below shows this, as our Voronoi Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles work together to add definition and texture, whilst keeping it simple with their classic white and grey palette.

hexagonal marble tiles in a white bathroom

6) Don’t be afraid to add colour!

Although marble can certainly stand on its own as a beautiful addition to the home, the material also pairs well with a variety of colours for a bright and characterful look.

Below, our new Bardiglio White Deco Tiles pairs well with these vibrant blue tiles to create a bold, statement look – the marble effect tiles look striking on the floor with their decorative border really makes for a unique look (they’re anti-bacterial too!)

How would you style marble in your home? We’d love to know! Tag us in your projects on Instagram @wallsandfloors.

Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson