7 Charming Crackle Tiles

Crackle glaze tiles are wall tiles with a crackle, or crazed, glaze which imitates the sought-after vintage look of old, handmade tiles as they have aged over time. They’re great for adding subtle, delicate design to your wall spaces.

Here are some of our favourite crackle glaze tiles…

1) Plush Crackle Glaze Victorian Green

Our newest range of crackle tiles is our Plush Crackle Glaze Tiles. This range is available in three vibrant hues, the first of which is a gorgeous Victorian Green (keep scrolling for the others). This green tone is hugely popular in interiors at the moment, and the deep glaze of this range only adds to the indulgent vibe of the shade.

2) Plush Crackle Glaze Azulado

Our Plush Crackle Glaze range is also available in a vibrant teal shade, Azulado. The unique, bright tone paired with the delicate crackle glaze makes for a truly eye-catching statement.

3) Plush Crackle Glaze Chinois

Last but not least of the Plush Crackle Glaze range is Chinois, a gorgeous deep blue tone. You should always use a sealant on crackle glaze tiles to help maintain their design. Find out more about how to seal your crackle tiles here.

4) Madeleine Purple Crackle Metro Tiles

Our Antique Crackle Metro Tiles are based on the 1920s Parisian Metro System and come in a series of contemporary muted tones. Their delicate crackle glaze makes them perfect for bringing a vintage touch to a space, without going overboard. Pictured is Madeleine, a muted dusky purple shade.

5) Hotel De Ville Blue Crackle Tiles

Another favourite from the Antique Crackle Metro range, Hotel de Ville is a soothing duck egg blue shade. Here, @doingup114 on Instagram used the crackle effect to fit the vintage aesthetic of their bathroom.

6) Bastille White Smooth Crackle Mini Metro Tiles

Our Antique Flat Crackle Metro Tiles combine the aged crackle effect with a contemporary flat metro shape. The Bastille White Crackle Mini Metro are perfect for adding a distinctive twist to the classic look of a white metro tile.

7) Craquelure Rose Tiles

Our Craquelure Glaze Tiles have a more subtle crackle glaze, and they’re available in a range of soft tones. Pictured is Craquelure Rose, a charming pink tone that’s perfect for creating a trendy feature on your wall spaces.

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