Indulgent Vintage Style: Introducing The Plush Crackle Collection

Walls and Floors have recently released our Plush Crackle collection, a range of slimline elongated brick-shaped tiles featuring a distinctive 4-sided bevelled edge and a delicate crackle glaze.

Designed in durable white bodied ceramic, Plush Crackle boasts vintage style with a rich, indulgent glaze. These striking tiles can be laid in a range of different ways so that you can create a unique look for your home. From the classic brick bond, vertical and column styles to the ever-popular herringbone design, you can get a look to fit your style!

victorian green metro crackle glaze brick shaped tile with black
teal crackle glaze brick shape tiles with white marble tiles
blue crackle glaze brick shape tiles

Take a closer look…

Perfect for creating a luxurious look in your home, the deeper bevel edge oozes indulgence, highlighted by the clever use of the translucent glaze that glides away from the top of the bevel edge, giving so much more character.

Plush Crackle tiles’ delicate crackle glaze enhances their vintage appeal and is sure to impress guests as they take a closer look!

close up of victorian green crackle glaze metro brick shape tile
close up of teal crackle glaze metro brick shape tile

Durable, hardwearing and versatile

Plush Crackle tiles have a deep, indulgent glaze that brilliantly enhances their bright, bold colour. Designed in durable white-bodied ceramic, they’re hardwearing and versatile – perfect for creating a splashback or feature wall – pair with delicate or striking marbles for the ultimate statement!

Their elongated brick shape is perfect for creating several different patterns, including brick bond, vertical and herringbone. They are available in three bright colourways: Chinois Blue, Azulado Teal and Victorian Green.

blue crackle glaze metro brick shape tile with bardiglio antibacterial marble effect hexagonal decor tiles
victorian green metro brick shape crackle glaze tiles

Price: £49.95 per sqm (Chinois Shine, Azulado Shine) and £56.95 per sqm (Victorian Green)
Material: White bodied ceramic
Suitability: Walls, Internal
Finish: Matt
Size: 75 x 225 mm