8 Patterned Hexagon Tiles You’ll Love

Why are hexagon tiles so popular?

  • Modern
  • Versatile
  • Full of personality
  • Add interest and focus to a space
  • More playful and fun than traditional square tiles
  • Emulate the beauty of nature (honeycomb)
  • Can be arranged in a variety of configurations
  • Characterful geometric shape
marble tiles mixed with wood effect flooring

Above, Voronoi White Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles

What’s special about patterned hexagon tiles?

These six-sided style icons have been rising in the ranks of interior design trends for quite some time now – and it’s not hard to see why.

Modern and versatile, hexagon tiles are full of personality, character and charm, emulating the beauty of nature with their signature honeycomb shape.

Patterned hexagon tiles take the trend one step further, as the already fun and playful tile takes on a variety of beautiful styles and effects.

Why not give your home some wow factor with a feature wall, mix style and practicality with a splashback, or go all out with a statement floor? The possibilities are endless with this versatile beauty!

We’ve put together a list of our favourite patterned hexagon tiles, each with its own unique pattern and charm.

1) Terrazzo Hexagon Mottled Grey Porcelain Tiles

Let’s start off with a fresh, monochromatic approach to the trend, Terrazzo. Their grey colour palette features a multitude of realistic stone inspired flecks in a large format design with a subtle matt finish.

Made from durable porcelain, they are perfect for creating a splashback in the kitchen or bathroom with their easy-to-clean, wipe down surface.

These beautiful tiles come in three hues: pink, green and grey.

grey speckled hexagon tiles as a splashback in a kitchen

Above, Terrazzo Hexagon Mottled Grey Porcelain Tiles

2) Contour Shadow Hexagon Tiles

Bursting with geometric charm, these tiles feature a 3D-effect star-shaped geometric design, in a mix of white, black and grey tones with a subtle matt finish.

These eye-catching beauties are great for making a statement and they can be used on both walls and floors alike thanks to their hardwearing porcelain construction.

geometric hexagon tiles as a splashback in a kitchen

Above, Contour Shadow Hexagon Tiles

3) Pickett™ Bevelled Carrara Tiles

One of our newest hexagon tiles, Pickett, is sure to be a favourite with its natural marble effect design and elegant, elongated shape.

This glossy white tile has a definitive bevelled edge which makes each individual tile ‘pop’ and works together with the pale hue and shimmering gloss finish to reflect light around the room, giving the illusion of greater space.

This stunning collection is made from durable ceramic and features six shades.

elongated marble effect tiles in a bathroom

Above, Pickett™ Bevelled Carrara Tiles

4) Elation Textured Gold Ore Hexagon Tiles

If you’re looking to add a touch of opulence to your home, then search no more! Elation is here to provide the ultimate indulgent feeling of luxury and charm with its golden hue and textured geometric pattern.

They’re a brilliant option for creating a bougie feature wall, and they have a shimmering gloss finish for that extra touch of luxe.

gold hexagon tiles as a splashback in a kitchen

Above, Elation Textured Gold Ore Hexagon Tiles

5) Oaken Teal Oxidised Hexagon Tiles

If you’re a fan of the industrial-chic trend, then you’ll love these tarnished tiles! Designed in a rusted, brown hue with a weathered look of oxidised metal, Oaken tiles have a characterful look.

Giving a reclaimed look, these tiles are bang on trend with a subtle matt finish and are made in a durable, hardwearing porcelain construction.

oxidised metal effect hexagon tiles

Above, Oaken Teal Oxidised Hexagon Tiles

6) Ruvido Tribal Stone Hexagon Tiles

These intriguing hexagon tiles feature a medley of interesting tribalesque designs printed on a soft stone effect backing for a statement look that’s full of personality.

Divided by a faux grout line, these tiles depict the illusion of 8 individual hexagonal pieces and are suitable for both walls and floors alike with a subtle matt finish.

tribal patterned hexagon tiles

Above, Ruvido Tribal Stone Hexagon Tiles

7) Bardiglio Grey Marble Hexagon Deco Tiles

Our newest addition to the hexagon family is the anti-bacterial Bardiglio tile. Featuring a decorative white border, these tiles possess a realistic, natural marble effect design that takes inspiration from Italy’s famous Grey marble Bardiglio, mined from the very same quarries as Carrara.

Bardiglio tiles use clever ACTIV technology to create a silver ion shield across the surface, which helps to eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and microorganisms for a safe and stylish look! 

Made from hard-wearing ceramic, these tiles are available in three designs: grey, grey deco and white deco.

grey marble effect tiles with white border

Above, Bardiglio Grey Marble Hexagon Deco Tiles

8) Tartan Ashened Wood Hexagon Tiles

These genius two-toned Tartan Ashened Wood Hexagon Tiles open up a whole world of possibilities with regards to layout patterns! Their unique shape, pattern and dimensional differences allow you to create a bespoke statement in any room.

These clever, and particularly versatile tiles have a wood effect design; half in a darker hue, and half in a lighter one.

grey and white hexagon tiles in a bar

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson