A Colourful Summer Palette for Your Home

Whether you’re ready for a full renovation or simply looking to update your space, these bright summer colours are an excellent way to create a bold and welcoming environment in your home.

Turn a wall or floor into a statement piece or opt for a colourful splashback behind the sink in the kitchen or bathroom for an eyecatching look!

However you choose to style them, we have a range of stunning, vibrant tiles to get your summer sorted.


Above, Pickett™ Bevelled Petal Pink Tiles and Pickett™ Bevelled Snow Tiles

What’s special about Pickett tiles?

Pickett tiles have an elongated hexagonal design, with bevelled edges that add a definitive look, and makes the tiles ‘pop’ and stand out from the wall. Their shimmering gloss finish catches the eye and their durable ceramic construction means they will stand the test of time.

This stunning collection is available in six shades, including the popular Carrara marble!

Above, Pickett™ Bevelled Navy Tiles


blue doorway with bee knocker and multicoloured chatham tiles in the walkway

Above, Chatham Dark Grey Brick Tiles, Chatham Green Brick Tiles and Chatham Ivory Brick Tiles

What’s special about Chatham tiles?

Chatham tiles are designed in an elongated brick shape with a unique shadow or ‘smokey’ effect throughout the surface, giving them a gradient finish. Durable, hard-wearing and strong, they’re made from full-bodied porcelain, meaning the colour runs all the way through the tile.

This stunning collection is available in 8 colourways with a subtle matt finish and an R10 anti-slip surface.

Blue chatham tiles in a hallway with a swinging chair

Above, Chatham Blue Brick Tiles


bold blue hope tiles on a bathroom wall

Above, Hope Blue Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles

What’s special about Hope tiles?

With their unique shade variation and high gloss glaze, Hope tiles are the perfect thing to transform your dull wall spaces with their characterful design. Crafted from quality white body ceramic for durability, they’re super easy to clean with an elongated brick shape that can be laid out in a multitude of ways.

The Hope collection is available in 5 muted colourways with 25 unique faces.

orange hope tiles on a bathroom wall

Above, Hope Ochre Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles

Terrazzo Hexagon

pink terrazzo hexagon tiles on a bathroom wall

Above, Terrazzo Hexagon Nevada Pink Porcelain Tile

What’s special about Terrazzo Hexagon tiles?

Terrazzo Hexagon Mottled Grey Porcelain Tiles serve as a modern twist on traditional terrazzo tiles for a fun and fresh approach to tile design. Designed in an on-trend hexagonal shape, these tiles are made from durable porcelain with a matt finish and a large format.

Suitable for both walls and floors, this collection consists of three stunning shades.

grey terrazzo hexagon tiles on a kitchen wall as a splashback

Above, Terrazzo Hexagon Mottled Grey Porcelain Tile


Above, Achilles Teal Mix Fish Scale Tiles

What’s special about Achilles tiles?

With their refreshing aquatic hue, these Achilles Teal Mix Tiles are perfect for creating a striking feature wall in any room throughout your home. Designed in a classic Art Deco style, these fish scale tiles are made from porcelain so they’re durable and hardwearing.

Suitable for both walls and floors, the Achilles collection comes in four stunning shades.

Above, Achilles Teal Mix Fish Scale Tiles


black and white panda marble deluxe tiles in a navy coloured bathroom

Above, Deluxe Panda Gloss Black & White Marble Effect Tiles

What’s special about Deluxe tiles?

Crafted from durable porcelain, Deluxe’s large-format rectified body is perfect for creating a seamless statement. Their large format and rectified edge allow for a seamless transition between tiles, perfect for keeping the flow of their design natural and authentic. The specialist granular glaze on Deluxe tiles creates an amazing sense of depth for stunning visual impact in any room where the wall or floor tiles are a core decorative element.

This luxurious collection consists of 6 stunning marble effect designs in a variety of shades.

white and gold marble deluxe tiles in a bathroom with gold accents

Above, Deluxe Gold Leaf Ultra-Gloss White Marble Effect Tiles

Metro Tiles

Above, Lime House Gloss Green Metro Tiles

What’s special about Metro tiles?

You can’t beat a classic! Our Metro tiles are inspired by the London underground subway tiles with bevelled edges and a shimmering gloss finish. They have a durable ceramic construction, making them hardwearing and long-lasting.

This stunning collection of Metro tiles is available in a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes – so you’re sure to find your perfect fit!

Above, Covent Garden Gloss Pink Metro Tiles


panda tiles in a diagonal diamond shape on the floor of a bathroom

Above, Zebra Stripe Monochrome Tiles

What’s special about Zebra tiles?

Designed in a black and white colour scheme with a simple, linear design, Zebra tiles can be laid out in a multitude of ways to create unique and intriguing patterns. Great for creating a feature wall, splashback or statement floor, these tiles have a durable and hardwearing porcelain body, with an R10 anti-slip surface which makes them perfect for damp-prone areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

black and white zebra tiles in a chevron pattern on the walls and floors

Above, Zebra Stripe Monochrome Tiles

Victorian Metro

yellow victorian metro tiles on a bathroom wall

Above, Victorian Mango Metro Tiles

What’s special about Victorian Metro tiles?

Capture that sought after period look in your bathroom or kitchen with our charming Victorian Metro Tiles. Their bevelled edge contains a slightly lighter tone, making each tile stand out, and they are perfect for giving your wall spaces a wonderful vintage appearance. 

The collection consists of three appealing Victorian tones that are ideal for breathing new life into a bathroom, kitchen or hallway room!

red victorian metro tiles on a wall with a dog and wellies

Above, Victorian Melado Metro Tiles