Amazing Recycled Products for Your Home

Are you looking to style your home with a clear conscience? There are many benefits to buying recycled or eco-friendly products and now, with more environmentally home products available, it’s easier than ever to find sustainable products without sacrificing on style!

What are the benefits of buying recycled products?

There are many benefits to buying recycled products as opposed to their newer counterparts, the largest and most obvious being that they will have a lower environmental impact, and they are less energy intensive. On top of the feeling of ‘doing the right thing’, the purchase of recycled products helps to build a better world socially, economically and environmentally.

How can I tell if a product is sustainable?

There are many sustainable and ethically-friendly brands around to choose from nowadays. Before you purchase a product for your home, it’s a good idea to make a couple of checks first:

  • Is it FSC certified?
  • Do they use natural materials?
  • Do they have a transparent supply chain, and are they an ethical company?
  • Do they incorporate recycled or reclaimed materials?

Above, Yuri™ Sand 90% Recycled 583×583 Tiles

What are some examples of recycled products?

We’ve put together a few products that are recycled or sustainably produced, styled alongside our Yuri™ 90% Recycled Tiles which are made from 90% recycled raw materials, water and minerals, with an eco-friendly manufacturing process and no compromise on quality and finish, these tiles are highly variegated, with multiple faces for a unique look.

The Kitchen

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There are many ways to be environmentally conscious in the kitchen. Reusable shopping bags have become commonplace in many homes across the UK as well as recycled dish towels, cloths and other cleaning materials. It’s also easy to find sustainable utensils and crockery!

The Bathroom

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It’s not hard to find recycled bath and shower products to use in the bathroom, especially when it comes to candles, soap and shampoo. Why not look out for sustainable towels or swap the material bath mat for a more durable wooden mat?

Above, Yuri™ Graphite 90% Recycled 1175×1175 Tiles

The Living Room

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Rattan is a popular choice for the living room as it’s a sustainable choice that looks super stylish and is easy to pair with other pieces of furniture. Rugs, placemats and pretty throws can all be found in a recycled or eco-friendly material – there are even sustainable sofas out there!

Above, Yuri™ Rust 90% Recycled 1175×1175 Tiles

The Office

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You can get some lovely pieces of furniture for the office that are either recycled or made with sustainable materials, including wooden desks or sets of drawers. When it comes to office supplies like paper and pencils, these have become particularly trendy at the moment so they’re super easy to find!

Above, Yuri™ Basalt 90% Recycled 583×583 Tiles

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson