Autumn Interior Ideas

Autumn is that magical season when the leaves transform into a riot of colour and there’s a crispness in the colder autumn air. It’s time to bring that autumnal goodness inside with our beautiful autumn interior ideas! Guess what, retro design is making a fabulous comeback for Autumn/Winter 2023! Remember those joyful colour palettes that once adorned your grandma’s kitchen? Well, they’re back with a modern twist and perfect for a sense of warmth and cosiness.

1 – Warm Colour Palettes

Taking inspiration from the autumn leaves, using a similar colour palette in your interiors can create a war and inviting atmosphere, perfect for those cosy nights in. Think burnt oranges, deep reds and mustard yellows for that all important autumn atmosphere. Incorporate these shades through the use of cushions, curtains, rugs, or even with the introduction of some of our beloved tile options!

Burnt orange wall tiles in herringbone ;ayout in bathroom with gold accents and wall mounted basin.
Above, Hope Ochre Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles

2 – Layering Textures

Autumn is all about feeling cosy and warm, and layering various textures throughout your space can be perfect for achieving this. Layering textures like wool, velvet and faux fur can create a snug atmosphere within the home. If your idea of the perfect night in is snuggled up on the sofa, make sure you have plenty of throws and cushions on standby to get perfectly comfortable.

Dark wood brown flooring with dark sofa. Sofa has throws and cushions on, facing fireplace with snacks.
Above, Bonsai Umber Wood Effect Tiles

3 – Natural Elements

Autumn is a celebration of all things nature and change, so incorporating natural elements like wood can be the perfect way of reflecting this within your interiors. Enhance this with perhaps stone effect tiles, or indoor plants for an extra touch of the great outdoors. If the budget for new walls or floors is out of reach, consider smaller pieces like wood frames or stone vases.

Wood slat wall panels with dining table and chairs in grey stone effect design.
Above, Trepanel Birch Acoustic Wood Panel

4 – Back in Time

As we previously mentioned, retro designs are making an almighty comeback this autumn/winter season, and we can’t get enough! Classic designs and shapes reflect styles of a time past, but with a bit of a modern touch, can still look trendy and inviting in homes today! Work with colour palettes that we previously mentioned, like oranges, deep reds and mustard yellows, and you can achieve your own interior flashback in time with immaculate fall vibes!

Range of orange and mid tone brown autumn interior pieces including wallpaper, clock, plant, pendant lights, tiles, wood wall panels, chairs and prints.
Above, Wallpaper- Wallpaper from the 70’s. Clock- Dunelm. Plant- Dunelm. Pendant lights- Made.Com. Orange tile- Crosshatch Sienna. Wood slat panels- Trepanel Smoked Oak. Print- Desnio. Chair- Made.Com. Wood tile- Friston Brown.

5 – Remember Lighting

As the days get shorter and the nights draw in, lighting is crucial to ensuring your interiors are looking their best. Warm, ambient lighting becomes more and more important. Achieve a cosy ambience with the use of string lights or candles, and for more specific task lighting, introduce lamps and brighter lighting options.

Dark living room scheme with rust effect floor tiles and deep blue wood wall panelling, creating cosy atmosphere.
Above, Cosmic Bronze Lappato Floor Tiles

6 – Luxurious Tones

Using deeper, darker tones like burgundy and burnt orange can create a truly luxurious and atmospheric space, bursting with personality and style. Compliment these tones with dark wood accents for a sense of grandeur, styled with soft furnishings and décor for a comfortable living space. When working with darker colours, ensure you allow plenty of light into the space, whether it’s artificial or natural, to prevent the space from becoming too intimidating and overwhelming.

Dark and deep autumn interior mood board with products ranging from wood wall panels, tiles, plants, armchairs and prints.
Above, Wood Wall Panels- Trepanel Walnut. Brick Effect Tiles- Rustic Masonry. Print- Desenio. Plant- Dunelm. Light- Made.Com. Coffee Table- Made.Com. Arm Chair- Made.Com. Star Tiles- Scintilla Silver.

There you have 6 fabulous ways to bring the magic of autumn right into your interiors. We hope you’re as excited as we are to swap out those summer vibes for something a little more cosy and inviting with our Autumn interior ideas. Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your autumn designs over on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing your projects

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard