Bedroom Colour Scheme Ideas

Whether it’s a quick refresh or a full bedroom redesign, you need your space to look and feel its best. With our list of bedroom colour scheme ideas and wide selection of products, you can achieve exactly that, at a price you’ll love. Whether you’re into the light and airy schemes or the dark and intimate ones, we have something for everyone. Colour can be an expression of personality and character, so use it in the bedroom to let your inner creativity shine through.

How do certain colours affect our moods?

When considering what colours you’d like to implement, know that they can have a real affect on the mood we’re in and how we feel when we’re in the space. For example, our brains will associate warmer colours like red, orange or yellow with feelings like comfort, anger and passion, resulting in a very lively and eccentric space. On the other hand, cooler colours like greens, blues and purples may have the opposite effect, creating spaces that make us feel calm, soothed and relaxed.

1 – Feeling Blue?

Blue in the bedroom is a great way of introducing a sense of calm and relaxation to the space. Using a light blue can open the area up a bit, which is also great if you’re designing a smaller space. Light blues feel open and airy and are complimented by most greys and whites. Dark blues and navy blues are perfect for the moodier bedroom scheme. They can be paired with neutrals like beiges and greys for an ultra modern yet still homely look and feel. We’ve paired our Mixx Concrete Oak Wood tiles with a deep navy blue wall paint, much like our Pop Blue wall and ceiling paint.

Navy blue wall paint with concrete and wood effect metro tiles in unique layout creeping up the wall.
Above, Mixx Concrete Oak Wood Tiles

2 – Comforting Neutrals

Neutral colours include shades like greys, beiges and whites. These are all colours that are perfect for a truly comforting and calming space. They’re not too vibrant or overpowering, as colours like this can make us feel energised, which isn’t what you necessarily want in the bedroom. Neutrals are much easier on the eye, and provide a room that allows you to truly unwind. Wood effect flooring is the perfect option when working with a neutral colour scheme with natural shades of wood complementing any scheme beautifully.

Natural oak wood effect floor tiles with stool to the side.
Above, Samanea Oak Suar Wood Effect Tiles

3 – Go Big or Go Home

If you’re the kind of person that isn’t afraid to be bold and loud, don’t let that stop at your bedroom design! We have plenty of tiles that are packed with masses of character and interest, from pattern to marble and everything in between! Using a pattern tile across your bedroom opens up the opportunity to introduce many different colours and shades to the space. Take our Dante Sand Flower tiles for example, they offer green, grey and antiqued white, to complement the rest of your rooms colour scheme nicely. Use across the floor for a 70’s feel, or create a feature out of them on your walls to open up a modern design.

A close up view of decorative floor tiles with a floral pattern, featuring a colour palette of sandy beige, olive green and white. A potted plant with large green leaves partially obscures the view on the top left corner.
Above, Dante Sand Flower Tiles

4 – Keeping it Monochrome

If the bright colours aren’t for you, take it back to old school black and white with a completely monochrome scheme. This is great for those looking for an ultra modern bedroom that screams class and expense. It also opens up the opportunity for a third colour to be introduced that will truly pop and stand out, maybe a nice red or pink? Our Moiety Black and White tiles add a rustic touch to the traditional Victorian chequer flooring that is unique, adding even more character.

Rustic weathered effect black and white chequer floor tiles across floor with pink chair and slippers to accessories.
Above, Moiety Black and White Tiles

5 – Keen for Green

The colour green can be great for making us feel more awake and refreshed when we get up in the morning. It’s perfect for pairing with beiges and greys for a calming and soothing space, but equally perfect for pairing with vibrant greens and yellows for a fun and exciting room. Vibrant greens can be used in children’s bedrooms for a lively, enjoyable space, while the more muted and deeper greens are reserved for the grown ups to create a darker and moodier scheme. Our Soulful Green paint is perfect for a deeper option, and compliments our other shades Country Pink and Rock Grey perfectly for a modern yet characterful scheme.

Deep green Paint along lower half of wall to act as panelling in the bedroom with white along the top and grey wood effect floor tiles.
Above, Soulful Green Paint for Walls and Ceilings

6 – A Pop of Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiles exude a sense of excitement and character, with masses of texture and detail within the tile. There are terrazzo effect tiles for a more understated look, like our Signature Urbex Peral Terrazzo Effect Tiles, or there are terrazzo effects bursting with a fun personality and an energetic design like our Terrazzo Hexagon Nevada Pink Porcelain Tiles. We’ve incorporated these Popsicle Earth Terrazzo tiles to this space to show off what terrazzo can really achieve. There are various shades and colours now in this space, all complimenting one another seamlessly and effortlessly, for a quirky scheme.

Colourful bedroom terrazzo tiles across floor with rich green chair to accessorise.
Above, Popsicle Earth Terrazzo Ceramic Tiles

7 – Keep Things Flowing into the En-suite

When you put lots of effort and attention into redesigning your bedroom, you can often forget about the en-suite, if you have one. The way you feel about your perfect new bedroom can be massively impacted by how you feel about your en-suite too. For this reason, make sure you continue your design from the bedroom into the en-suite to create coherence. If you’ve gone for a modern monochrome scheme, keep the en-suite under the same style with black and white throughout. Or, if you’ve used one specific colour throughout the bedroom, make sure you implement it in the en-suite. We’ve used these Hope Blue tiles for coherence from a navy blue theme bedroom, ensuring consistency.

Deep blue multi tonal brick wall tiles in bathroom scheme with rustic white square tiles to complement.
Above, Hope Blue Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles

8 – Vibrancy is Key

If you’re set on only incorporating light and airy colours into your bedroom, then a decent white paint is a necessity in the design process. It will complement every and all tones and shades you decide to use, and can be the perfect backdrop for a simple space. Take our Smooth White paint for example, it does an amazing job of complimenting both the wood effect tiles and the pattern tiles that have been used across the floor, while still creating a vibrant and clean backdrop for the rest of the accessories in the space. Its vibrancy is blinding and we think you’d agree!

Pure white paint on panelling in bedroom scheme with wood tiles and patterned tiles across floor space.
Above, Smooth White Paint for Walls & Ceilings

9 – Rustic Charm

For a hint of the rustic country home style, wood tiles can be an amazing option. But, if you don’t have your heart set on simple, there are painted wood options that will perfectly complement your need for colour and originality. Our BoCoCa Azure Painted Chevron Wood tiles are ideal for introducing that rustic look while still providing a really delicate and subtle splash of colour. You can pair these tiles with a wide range of neutrals throughout the room to create a cosy and comforting scheme.

Rustic blue wood effect floor tiles in bedroom scheme with neutral tones throughout the rest of the space.
Above, BoCoCa Azure Painted Chevron Wood Tiles

10 – Be Unique and Quirky

For those of us that are wild at heart and know how to have fun with design, there are plenty of patterned wall and floor tiles on the market today, especially at Walls and Floors. Once you’ve landed upon your perfect bedroom colour scheme, choose from our selection to work alongside it and go wild! This is the perfect opportunity to be truly unique with your design, and the bedroom is the perfect place to do it! We can’t get enough of our Kandi Butterscotch Pattern Wall and Floor tiles, they have a range of neutral brown tones running throughout, yet still look fun and vibrant across the floor of this bedroom space. Still not vibrant enough? Check out the Kandi Bubblegum tiles for an even more colourful variant of this tile!

Patterned coloured tiles across bedroom floor with neutral colour scheme.
Above, Kandi Butterscotch Pattern Wall and Floor Tiles

Pairing Paint and Tile Colours

When pairing colours for the bedroom its advisable to stick to complimentary colours throughout, rather than ones than contrast too much with one another. Complementary colours are colours that sit at opposite sides of the colour wheel. Contrasting colours are great at creating a powerful and vibrant scheme across a space, making us feel energised and full of life. However, for the bedroom, you want to use shades that are going to calm you down and relax you, so you can unwind at the end of the day and drift off to sleep. Examples of complementary colours include red and green, yellow and purple, orange and blue and green and magenta, all great options for a bedroom colour scheme.

Vibrant rainbow colour wheel made with material.

We hope with our help you’ve now landed upon the perfect colour scheme for your bedroom, and have more of an idea of what design scheme to adopt. Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your redesign on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing what you’ve been up to!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard