Home Spa Bathroom Ideas

We all love a taste of the luxurious spa life, so it’s no wonder we’re all so desperate to incorporate that spa style into our own homes. Spas are intended to exude a sense of calm and serenity, introducing mindfulness into peoples lives. They often offer treatments to sooth the mind and body, so how do we replicate this in our own homes? Here’s our top ideas inspiring you to create your own home spa bathroom.

1 – Use Marble Tiles for a Luxurious Feel

Marble exudes luxury and elegance when used throughout the bathroom, and its a style that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Marble is widely used throughout spas to enhance the feeling of opulence, so look no further than our selection of marble effect tiles for your own home! These Cappella Gloss marble effect tiles achieve that spa inspired aim perfectly. Paired with plenty of greenery and neutral tones throughout, they create the ideal level of calm.

Home spa bathroom inspiration taken from the neutral marble tiles and wood textures throughout.
Above, Cappella Gloss 60×30 Marble Effect Tiles

2 – Combine Neutral Shades Throughout

The use of neutral tones right throughout the bathroom space is sure to enhance that spa-like feel. It creates a space that is reassuring to be in, replicating that all important tranquillity. Many people enjoy the sense of being at one with nature, and find it a truly grounding feeling, so introducing neutral shades and natural textures throughout is certain to help with this.

Natural stone effect tiles across floor for a home spa bathroom, combined with wooden slat tiles for an enhanced natural look.
Above, Carbon Sand Concrete Effect Tiles

3 – Introduce Contemporary Greys

A neutral that a lot of people forget about when we talk about the term is grey. Grey is an incredibly versatile shade that can be used in an array of ways to create an array of different styles. Grey especially works well when combined with natural textures and materials like wood or plants. We’ve used our Carbon Light Grey Concrete Effect tiles to create this stunning shower space, combined with wood slat tiles to introduce some added depth and texture.

Light grey stone effect tiles throughout shower area, spa atmosphere is enhanced by large potted plant and greenery throughout.
Above, Carbon Light Grey Concrete Effect Tiles

4 – Use Natural Stone Effects

Feeling at one with nature is a key feature when we enter a spa. It’s important in that it makes many of us feel relaxed and peaceful. Natural stone doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal, with a wide range of stone effect tiles available that will suit every home. To compliment our Scultura Grigio Stone Effect Tiles we’ve introduced plenty of other natural materials like wooden picture frames and pampas grass, reflecting that spa like vibe.

Neutral tones used for this bath space create ultimate home spa bathroom with plenty of texture used throughout.
Above, Scultura Grigio Stone Effect Tiles

5 – Add Texture Throughout

When shopping for what’s considered ‘luxurious’ objects to go into a new bathroom they can often end up appearing quite flat and two dimensional when combined with their new space. To prevent this, ensure you look out for any textures or materials you like that will add a bit of depth and character to your space, to ensure you lift it and create an exciting, but relaxing bathroom. We love using our Cement Ivory Décor Concrete Effect Tiles to add a bit of depth, with their ridges complimenting the rest of this space beautifully.

Textured wall tiles behind sink area in neutral stone shade.
Above, Cement Ivory Décor Concrete Effect Tiles

6 – Go for High Quality Gloss Surfaces

Introducing plenty of glossy surfaces throughout your bathroom will create a sense of space and grandeur in your home, perfect for transporting you to those large, open spas. Using shiny, reflective surfaces in your bathroom will reflect the light to illude to a bigger and better space. Gloss wall tiles are always a great way of achieving this. We love our Raffinato White Gloss Carrara marble effect tiles for that glossy, luxurious feel, with their unique veining and versatility enhancing the appeal. Paired with natural accessories, they work great in this spa-inspired bathroom.

Clean and elegant white bathroom scheme using wood textures and gold hardware to enhance home spa bathroom feel.
Above, Raffinato White Gloss Carrara Marble Effect Ceramic Wall Tile

7 – Use Luxurious Hardware Throughout

For the expensive spa atmosphere, we’d also recommend the use of high quality, luxurious hardware throughout the bathroom. Gold hardware is always a safe option when looking for hardware that screams elegance. Matt black and chrome taps/hardware are also great options, complimenting a neutral scheme seamlessly. We love the use of these gold taps and accessories in this bathroom, combined with our Vernice Storm Tiles they look truly glamorous.

Gold hardware used throughout whole sink area with classy accessories.
Above, Vernice Storm Tiles

8 – Introduce Plenty of Greenery

Spas are always filled to the brim with plants and foliage, to enhance that earlier mentioned feeling of being at one with nature. They tend to feature plenty of greenery and we love it! Whether or not you have a green thumb, its always a great idea to incorporate plants into your bathroom. They don’t have to be real, so don’t worry about keeping them alive, although the benefits of having real plants in your bathroom include air purifying qualities, relaxation and they just spruce the place up a bit too!

Grey stone effect tiles throughout shower area with plenty of greenery and elegant accessories.
Above, Deluxe Silver Shadow Marble Effect Tiles

9 – Don’t Shy Away From Colour

We know all this talk about neutrals may have you set on a scheme, but don’t forget that the use of colour is still very much allowed! Introducing hints of colour here and there throughout your spa inspired bathroom is sure to help lift it to have more character and depth. It adds interest, and allows you to get creative with what you choose to do with the space. Our Capsule Powder Room Bevelled tiles add a splash of colour into this neutral bathroom space, while keeping things mellow and calm in their muted pink shade.

Muted pink bevelled tiles across sink area with white counter top sink and gold taps, adding colour to the idea of a home spa bathroom.
Above, Capsule Powder Room Bevelled Tiles

10 – Add Luxurious Accessories

You may be noticing quite a theme here, with all this talk about luxury and elegance, but it truly can make a difference to the success of a spa-inspired space. When implementing accessories and products into your finished bathroom, think about whether or not they look as though you’d find them in a spa. Products like shampoo and body wash with bright, vibrant letters splashed across the front can be stored away in the cupboard to make way for elegant, understated bottles. Look into getting some ultra soft and fluffy towels too to compliment your space.

Simple white tiles used across sink area with white counter top basin and gold hardware. Wall mounted wood framed mirror adds texture.
Above, Raku Square White Tiles

There you have our top home spa bathroom ideas! Hopefully we’ve inspired you to get designing and give yourself a space to unwind and relax in your very own home! Tag us in your projects on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, so we can see what you’ve added to your bathroom for that spa feel.

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard