Bridgerton Style: Bring the Regency Era Home with Tiles

Netflix’s period-romance series Bridgerton has taken the U.K. by storm; whilst the pop-song soundtrack in string quartet and raunchy scenes have got people hooked, here at Walls and Floors, we can’t help by admire and be inspired by the opulent décor of the Regency Era.

We’ve compiled some iconic Bridgerton scenes, with floor design one could only dream of, to show you how you can introduce this regal period charm to your home with our tiles!

The Bridgerton Family Living Room


Soft blues, lavish furnishings; this living room really is the epitome of Regency style. What catches our eye is the large ornate rug that is a foundational piece of design to this luxury setting.

Rugs purely for decoration are increasing in popularity, so why not consider a tiled rug? They’re durable, functional and still bring a stunning statement to rooms without the risk of tripping over edges or staining precious fabrics.

Our Ornato Bella tiles are giving us real Bridgerton vibes with their flourishing pattern and bordered finish. We love how they look as a centrepiece to any room, so create your own aristocrat-worthy design!

Get them here: Ornato Bella tiles, from £2.95 per tile.

White’s Gentlemen’s Club


Viscount Bridgerton, meet the Duke of Hastings. Whilst there are plenty of distractions at the Gentlemen’s Club, we’re particularly distracted by that mosaic floor! It has a gorgeous monochrome design that we know transcends time and design – style like this is popular today 200 years later!

To get this look, our Chelsea tiles feature a very similar black and white diamond pattern.

Or alternatively, if you are blessed with patience, our Churchill mosaic tiles can be pried off their mesh netting to create bespoke designs across floor spaces! Getting this period look has never been easier.

(Keep reading for a modern twist on this classic design…)

Get them here (L): Chelsea Black and White Panel tiles, £19.95 per SQM.

Get them here (R): Churchill Mosaic Tiles, £4.95 per sheet.

The Salon of Bridgerton Manor


What an entrance. The central salon a the Bridgerton family home really is something else; those archways, that molded applique, that chandelier. It’s a rich fantasy we could only dream of.

However, that gorgeous parquet… we know how to introduce this into your home! Our Bosco Castagne Wood Effect Tiles are the perfect size for recreating this herringbone design in your interior spaces. Plus, they’re crafted from sturdy porcelain so will perfect for high traffic areas thanks to their durability.

If you’re after that rich, warm tone, try our Antoinette Parquet Cherry Jazz Wood Tiles! They’re super easy to install and the design is already engrained for minimal effort.

Get them here (L): Bosco Castagne Wood Effect Tiles, £29.95 per SQM.

Get them here (R): Antoinette Parquet Cherry Jazz Wood Tiles, £42.95 per SQM.

A modern twist…

If totally vintage décor isn’t your style, you can introduce modern alternatives to your kitchen and bathroom spaces, with a variety of our tiles, for just a touch of historic glamour.

Pixel Hexagon Mosaics


Get them here: Pixel Hexagon Mosaic tiles, from £3.65 per sheet.

Victorian Metro Tiles

Get them here: Victorian Green Metro Tiles, £25.95 per SQM.

Nyans Indigo Tiles

Get them here: Nyans Indigo Blue Wood Effect Tiles, £39.95 per SQM.

Deluxe Gold Leaf Tiles

Get them here: Deluxe Gold Leaf Marble Effect Tiles, £46.95 per SQM

Will you be using any of these Bridgerton inspired tiles in your home?