Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Guest Bedroom

So your friends have come round for Christmas. Maybe they’ve had a little too much wine and they’re unable to drive, or maybe it’s late and they’re just too tired. But when you hear the words ‘I don’t suppose we could stay over?’ wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say, ‘Of course you can stay’? Here are some guest bedroom ideas, to help you transform that spare room from a cluttered storage cupboard to a welcoming sanctuary…

Quick guest room ideas

Here are some quick and easy ideas for making your guests feel right at home when they stay over this Christmas season! But first and foremost, you have to make it feel like a home, and not a hotel, so add so personal little nick-nacks like a photo of your family, or a teddy bear!

1) Let there be light

A bedside light is an absolute must! If your guests are winding down and getting ready for bed, they might not want to stumble around under the glaring pulse of the ceiling light. They need the soft, comforting glow of a table lamp. It also gives you the option to stack some books in the room in case they can’t get to sleep right away.

2) Floral attraction

Flowers are a great way to keep a room looking fresh and vibrant. Tulips are a perfect choice if you’re looking for low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about arranging a nice bouquet. Simply cut the steps, plop them into a vase, and let them flop about.

3) Keep some extra essentials

As we mentioned earlier, not all sleep-overs are planned. Guests often end up staying over when they hadn’t planned to – so they won’t have brought any essentials with them. Try to keep some extras in the house, just in case – toothbrushes, toothpaste, a hairbrush, etc.

Refresh the floor

If your spare room’s carpet has taken a battering from the years of being used as a storeroom, then it’s probably time to strip it away and add something a little more stylish, modern and robust.

Floor tiles are a popular option amongst interior designers thanks to their zero maintenance qualities (you simply fix them in place and leave them alone), hard-wearing nature (they don’t scratch or mark easily, and they last for decades), and infinite style options!

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Above: BoCoCa Wood Effect Tiles

There you have it – a guide to making the spare bedroom guest-ready this Christmas.

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