Coloured Grout Ideas – Choosing the Best Shade for Your Tiles

If you’re looking to tile your home and have got stuck at choosing the right grout, don’t worry, we’re here to help. It can be a tricky decision, as you need to choose whether you want your grout to colour match, or be bold and stand out against the tiles. For patterned tiles we’d recommend finding a grout that blends into the background, so you can be sure your pattern takes centre stage and stands out. For more plain tiles, try getting adventurous with colours! We love the look of white tiles with a striking black background.

1 – Matching to Your Woods

Matching the colour of your grout to the colour of your wood tiles is a great way of achieving a beautifully seamless look while letting the wood details shine through. With lighter woods it can create quite a boho feel throughout the space, with airy colours and natural textures. Darker woods will create a more traditional scheme that feels warm and cosy, perfect for the family home. Colour matching grout to your wood tiles can feel daunting, but as long as you choose a shade that has the same undertones, whether they be warm or cool, you should end up with the seamless result you’re looking for. We’ve used our Mapei Ultracolour grout in 133 Sand to compliment our Friston Wood Effect Matt Brown Tiles.

Light wood effect tiles across kitchen floor with grout colour that blends in seamlessly.
Above, Friston Wood Effect Matt Brown Tile

2 – Contrasting Wood Effect

For a more detailed and stand out look, use a grout that is a different shade to your chosen wood effect tiles. This is perfect for creating a bit of extra detail as the grout lines create a whole new level of depth to the space. It aids the appearance of a traditional look, which is perfect for a warmer and cosy atmosphere. Find a grout that works with the wood texture in the tile, like the knots and grains for example, as this will pull the detail out, preventing it from becoming too flat or two dimensional. To achieve this effect, we’ve used our Rustic Oak Wood Effect Tiles, and contrasted the tiles with the Mapei Ultracolour grout in 136 Mud, which beautifully matches the finer detail in these tiles.

Deep wood effect tile with contrasting grout colour to bring textures and details out.
Above, Rustic Oak Wood Effect Tiles

3 – Working With Your Patterns

It can feel quite daunting to match a grout and patterned tile, as you need to decide which feature or shade on the design you’re going to colour match it to. A general rule is to stick with the colour of the background of the tile, or the more dominant shade that you can pull out on first glance. For example, if its a grey tile with a blue detail on, stick with a grey grout to blend into the background. Or, for something more like our Mr Jones Ash tiles, the dominant shade is a warm beige colour, so we’ve been sure to match this with the Mapei Ultracolour grout in 133 Sand. This grout shade warms the space up, as it’s pulling the details out.

Complimentary grout colour to match patterned traditional style tiles across floor of shower area.
Above, Mr Jones Ash Patterned Tile

4 – Bright Whites

Coloured tiles are a great way of letting your personality shine through your interiors, as they offer an insight into your design style. From bright blues to pale pinks, we have tiles to suit every style in mind. To add even more detail to your vibrant choices, contrast the coloured tile with a stark white grout that is sure to stand out. The vibrancy of the white against the depth of a coloured tile will certainly stand out, perfect for a feature wall or a characterful kitchen splashback. We’ve incorporated our Faith Blue Gloss Wall and Floor Tiles with a vibrant white grout to create a beautiful shower space packed with sophistication.

White coloured grout across blue bathroom tiles in modern shower area.
Above, Faith Blue Gloss Wall and Floor Tile

5 – Blending Into the Background

If you’ve chosen a coloured tile and are now worried about colour matching the grout, don’t worry, we stock a variety of grout shades from blues to greens to purples, so you can be sure to find something that works with your tile choice. Don’t be afraid to get in contact with us about which grout would be best suited to your chosen tile, as we have a friendly customer service team ready and waiting to help. To complement our Cove Olive wall tiles, we’ve used the Mapei Ultracolour grout in 113 Cement Grey.

Green coloured grout to match the green tiles across the splashback of a kitchen.
Above, Cove Olive Wall Tiles

6 – Black Against White

For a more dramatic effect against your plain white tile, why not try out a black grout?! This is an incredibly popular and modern way of introducing a sense of depth, enhancing that contemporary look and feel. These Flat Whitechapel White Gloss Tiles offer the perfect opportunity to welcome that fearless look. And it’s easier to keep clean! To get the same look that we’ve achieved here, introduce the Mapei Ultracolour grout in 119 London Grey.

Black grout with white metro tiles in modern bathroom, with wall mounted marble sink and gold hardware.
Above, Flat Whitechapel White Gloss Tiles

There you have our advice and coloured grout ideas! Be sure to tag us in pictures of your projects on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing what you’ve been up to!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard