Do Quarry Tiles Need Sealing?

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Do quarry tiles need sealing? Since quarry tiles are made from dense clay, their absorption rate is quite low, meaning that it’s not compulsory to seal them. However, if you’re using them in high traffic areas like in a kitchen or hallway, where staining is more likely, you could seal with LTP Mattstone Sealer.

Long answer to ‘Do quarry tiles need sealing?’

Quarry tiles are made from a very dense clay and have a low absorption rate. Therefore, technically, they don’t necessarily need sealing. But if used in heavier traffic areas such as kitchens or hallways, where there is a substantial chance of spillages or staining, we’d recommend giving them a coat of the LTP Mattstone sealer. They will only need a thin coat so it would best be applied with either a gloss roller or microfiber cloth.

After you’ve grouted any kind of tiles, it’s normal practice to buff any any excess grout. Sealing the tiles before grouting will make this ‘cleaning’ part of the installation easier, and a further thin coat after grouting will also seal the grout and further help protect against staining.

do quarry tiles need sealing

Quarry Tiles are perfect for a traditional farmhouse look

If you’re looking for decorating ideas for your home, why not opt for a farmhouse look? It’s a major trend right now! Lots of homeowners up and down the UK are creating a traditional, rural look in their kitchens, hallways and bathroom spaces. Think pastel wall tiles and rustic, characterful wooden furniture. But Quarry tiles are the main component; the star of the show. Choose a red or rustic clay design and introduce it to the floor spaces in your chosen areas.

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