If you want to create a gorgeous, characterful, natural look in your home, then a wooden scheme is the perfect choice for you! But, sadly, natural wood requires lots of treatment and maintenance, and it scratches and stains easily. That’s where wood effect tiles come in handy. They’re stylish, durable, affordable, and they come in a multitude of different designs! Here are our 10 favourites…

1. Rustic Oak Tiles

Our most realistic wood effect design by far, Rustic Oak Tiles are alive with textured wood grain and raised knots! Your guests will never know they’re not real wood (unless you tell them, of course). They have a perfect likeness of natural wooden floorboards, but they offer a maintenance-free alternative! For longer versions of the same tile, try Samanea Tiles and Royal Oak Tiles.

2. Wood Split Face Tiles

If your wall spaces could do with a refresh, then what better to add character than these Wood Effect Split Face Tiles? They have a multi-levelled, staggered design, just like traditional split face cladding, with a reclaimed wood effect design – ideal for creating a feature wall that’s full of personality. Transform a wall space in your bathroom, kitchen, living area or bedroom!

3. Bosco Castagno Wood Effect Tiles

For a lighter approach to a wood effect floor, try these Bosco Castagno Wood Effect Tiles! The gradual tonal variation runs throughout the replica grains and knots, for a characterful appearance.

4. Sherwood Natural Wood Effect Porcelain Paving Slabs

If you’re after a natural look in your garden, our Sherwood Natural Wood Effect Porcelain Paving Slabs offer the perfect solution. Durable and hardwearing, these low maintenance slabs will instantly uplift your outdoor space.

5. Blengdale Gris Wood Effect Tiles

Blengdale Gris Wood Effect Tiles are designed in a dark shade of grey – perfect for creating a contemporary look in your home. Low maintenance and scratch-resistant, they’re an ideal choice for any room.

6. Parlor Rich Ebony Wood Effect Tiles

If you love that warm wood effect look, and you want to invite it into your home, then these stylish Parlor Rich Ebony Wood Effect Tiles are the perfect flooring choice for you! 

7. Saloon Tavern Black Wood Tiles

Create a bold look in your home with our Saloon Tiles. The contrasting black and white shades create a dramatic look for the perfect statement floor.

8. BoCoCa Paintwash Wood Effect Tiles

Recently featured on the Ideal Home website, these gorgeous BoCoCa Wood Effect Tiles have a weathered, paint-washed look! This is perfect for creating the illusion of age and, therefore, charm and personality! Use them to transform both wall and floor spaces throughout the home!

9. Vintage Wood Rovere Floor Tiles

Create a luxurious look in your interior spaces with these gorgeous Vintage Wood Rovere Floor Tiles. They give the illusion of an expensive, lovingly-carpentered wooden floor.

10. Wayland Rustic Stain Mix Tiles

Want to create a rustic look in your home? These Wayland Rustic Stain Mix Tiles are designed with an R9 anti-slip finish, so they’re perfect for slip-prone areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

There you have it – out top 10 wood effect tiles! Which will you be inviting into your home?



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