How To Drill Tiles: A Guide to Drilling Tiles

how to drill tiles

Fixing an accessory to the wall, and need to drill through a tile? Don’t worry – as with all things, drilling tiles pretty easy once you know how. Here’s a guide on how to drill tiles…

As with all DIY jobs, it’s important to have the correct tools. It makes things easier and things are done correctly and safely. In this case, we highly recommend wearing protective goggles in case any tile chips fly off.

1) Mark your hole

Once you have measured where you want your fitting to go, mark it on the tile. Use an arrowhead tile drill bit (or a pointed masonry drill) and before you attach it to your drill place the point on your mark on the tile and tap the end with a hammer. This will create a small divot where you will be drilling and help prevent your drill sliding over the tile.

tap tiles woth drill piece hammer

2) Apply some masking tape

This step is optional, but it’s said that applying masking tape helps to prevent chipping or scratching should the drill slip. Make an X across the divot you’ve created. X marks the spot!

masking tape tiles

3) Start drilling

Fix your drill bit into the drill, place the point of the bit in your divot and drill slowly. Make sure your drill is on the ‘drill’ setting and lightly start drilling.

how to drill tiles

Top tip: If you’re drilling through a particularly sturdy tile such as thick porcelain, it’s good practice to use a sponge to drip some water on the hole as there will be a lot of friction and heat in this process. The water keeps the drill bit cool and reduces risk of the tile cracking. 

4) Finish up and fit your accessory

Keep drilling until you have created your hole and then you can simply attach whatever fitting you have chosen – then stand back and admire your handy work! Rob installed a handy towel hook in this bathroom!

ruska tiles bathroom

Above: Ruska Tiles 

In case of breakages

One thing to remember, once you drill into a tile there is no turning back, you can’t patch up or cover over your new hole. Remember the golden rule ‘measure twice and cut once’ and still if you have any problems, we have a blog to help you replace cracked tiles.

There you have it – How To Drill Tiles: A Guide to Drilling Tiles. If you found it useful, check out our Help Centre for more helpful tiling info.