How To Easily Tile Around Fixtures and Fittings

When you’re tiling a kitchen or bathroom area, you’re likely to hit a few awkward fixtures and fittings that you’ll need to work around, such as light switches, plug sockets, or piping. We’re going to tell you how to easily tile around fixtures and fittings with one simple little secret.

How to easily tile around fixtures and fittings

Here’s our top tip: Use mosaic tiles!

There are hundreds of stylish mosaic tile designs to choose from; from ceramic and porcelain options, through to glass and natural stones. Most mosaic tiles come on a mesh netting. This netting is easy to cut through – with scissors or a craft knife. That means that, when it comes to tiling around annoying obstacles, it’s simply a case of cutting a perfectly-sized hole in the sheet.

There you have it – a simple fix when it comes to how to easily tile around fixtures and fittings.

Add a mosaic tile splashback

One way to quickly update the look of a kitchen space is to introduce a splashback. A splashback is a simple concept. It’s essentially an easily wipeable surface that stands behind the sink or cooker, and catches any moisture that might have otherwise hit the bare wall behind. Whilst glass and aluminium splashbacks are sometimes used, tiles actually make for a fantastic alternative; especially mosaic tiles.

mix mosaic tiles

Above: Angel Mix Mosaic Tiles

Create a feature wall

If you don’t have the budget to decorate an entire room, but you certainly want to make a stylish statement to jazz things up a bit, create a feature wall. This is where visually impressive, eye-catching tiles are used to cover just one wall, or a good block of wall space, in the room. But this wall gives the room so much character, and draws so much attention to itself, that you can leave the rest of the space unchanged. Create a feature wall in a bedroom, bathroom, living area or dining room. Again, mosaics are perfect for this.

mosaic tiles feature wall

What mosaic tiles are available?

There are hundreds of different mosaic designs you can choose from for your kitchen splashback or feature wall. If you’d like something sparkly, that is guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests as they step into the kitchen, why not opt for an iridescent design? The sheen changes colour as you step around the room.
Alternately, if you fancy injecting one of the latest interior design trends into your home, you could try creating a honeycomb splashback using hexagonal mosaic tiles. At Walls and Floors, we have several colours to choose from.

Another major design trend is the idea of creating a natural scheme in an interior space. It relates back to the idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in.’ By inviting natural surfaces and materials into our homes, we feel closer to nature and, thus, more relaxed and at ease. There are dozens of natural stone mosaics to choose from, too!
All the mosaic tiles mentioned above come on mesh backing, which is easy to cut to size, when it comes to tiling around fixtures and fittings.

pizzazz eco friendly mosaic tiles

If you need more help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, they’re always willing to help!


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