How to Pair Tiles

Deciding on an interior design scheme in your home can be a daunting task, but pairing tiles together can be well worth the effort for a stunning result in the end.

Here at Walls and Floors, we understand how hard it can be to decide on just one tile – let alone picking a couple to match! – so we’ve created this handy guide on the best things to consider when pairing tiles.

4 tile samples paired together

1. Decide on a colour scheme

colour chart and paint brush

Consider the colour wheel

A colour wheel is a simple tool that provides a visual representation of which colours work best together. It’s composed of 12 colours in three categories, each with variating shades of their own.

Primary colours:

Blue, Red and Yellow (these can’t be made from mixing any other colours)

Secondary colours:

Orange, Purple and Green (these can be made by mixing the primary colours together)

Tertiary colours:

The six remaining shades are made from mixing primary and secondary colours together

why the colour wheel is a useful tool

As soon as you’ve decided on one of these colours then you can start considering what shade you like, how to style them and what to pair them with.

Here are three common interior design schemes that utilise the colour wheel:


The simplest to do, complementary colour schemes are comprised of two colours that are opposite to each other on the wheel such as red and green or orange and purple. Best used in small doses, these colours can add a fun focal point to a room and look especially powerful against a neutral background which gives the eyes a place to rest.

Split complementary

If you like the idea of a complementary colour scheme but aren’t quite ready to dive right in, then a split complementary colour scheme is for you! It’s comprised of a base colour and the two colours on either side of the opposite colour on the wheel.

This way, you’ll get the visual impact of the bold colours and you will be able to incorporate them more around the room instead of having to use neutral tones to balance it out.

Analogous (monochrome)

An analogous, or monochrome colour scheme is comprised of three colours that sit together on the wheel, such as red, orange and yellow or (more commonly) black, grey and white. This colour scheme is used best in proportion, with the lightest colour as the base and the brightest colour as the accent.

black and white marble bathroom, contrasting monochrome scheme

Above, Ador Black Nero Marble Tiles in a monochrome colour scheme

If you’re still unsure, check out our blog 3 Quick Tips When Choosing a Colour Scheme for more advice!

2. Find balance

Concentrate patterned tiles in a small area

Bright or busy patterns are great for creating a statement look in the home, and they look best when they are concentrated in one area such as a fireplace or a splashback as to not overwhelm a room.

scintilla star tiles in a navy kitchen as a splashback

Our Scintilla Black Star Pattern Tiles are one of our star buys – and it’s not hard to see why! Their vintage charm and star pattern look stunning inside or outside of a disused fireplace.

scintilla tiles on a fireplace with style compliments advice

Pair pattern with plain

When it comes to a feature wall or floor, it’s a good idea to pair patterned and plain tiles as this will not only enhance the beautiful focal point you have created but will keep the room from looking too crowded. Our Helix Sage Tiles look fantastic paired with our Vernice Hydrilla Tiles!

green statement tiles on the floor with square green tiles on the wall

Bring the wall and floor together

This bathroom looks relaxing and elegant with our Ceppo Terrazzo Effect Gloss Tiles and Troverta Ash Tiles on the walls and floors, creating a seamless effect for a harmonious appearance.

grey stone effect tiles matching on the walls and floors

3. Play with shape

Long gone are the days when square-shaped tiles were the only option. Now, we have a range of different shapes and sizes that work excellently in any room in the house.

Brick shape

These timeless quadrilaterals are great for adding a sleek and stylish appearance to your walls. They are super easy to match with thanks to their simple design and block colour.

Inspired by the London underground subway tiles, our Metro collection features a range of brick-shaped tiles in two size options and a choice of smooth or bevelled edges. Below, our Bond Street Gloss Blue Mini Metro Tiles perfectly accent the statement floor made with our Ledbury Marina Blue Pattern Tiles.

statement floor in blue with blue metro tiles on the walls

Our Hope collection features elongated brick-shaped tiles in a glossy finish with 25 different faces which help to form a unique, creative design.

These rich, orange coloured Hope Ochre Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles are arranged in a herringbone format on the wall, and look perfectly placed next to our Terrazzo Hexagon Mineral Green Porcelain Tiles. The different shapes really work well together to create an interesting look in the room!

orange hope tiles in herringbone pattern with green terrazzo hexagon tiles on the floor

Hexagon shape

Our Bardiglio collection isn’t just stylish and versatile – these tiles have antibacterial properties which eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Bardiglio White Marble Hexagon Deco Tiles’ light colour and decorative border make them stand out as a beautiful statement floor and they look excellent when paired with the vibrant colour of our Ingot Blue Chinois Tiles.

marble hexagon tiles antibacterial with blue crackle tiles on the wall

Large-format tiles

A unique layout design made with smaller tiles can look strikingly beautiful when paired with large format tiles. Below, for example, our Deluxe Verdant Ultra-Gloss Green Marble Effect Tiles have a natural and luxurious look which really makes the Zebra Stripe Monochrome Tiles pop, creating an intriguing contrasted look.

zebra monochrome tiles in a herringbone format with green deluxe marble tiles

Small-format tiles

Small format tiles can be fun to play around with! Our customers @the_home_kim_built (left) and @thehousethatblackbuilt (right) have both used our versatile Pixel Mosaic Tiles to create unique looks outside their homes by combining two colours together.

two ways of styling black and white pixel mosaics

4. Try different layouts

Don’t be afraid to play with different layouts! Our elongated brick-shaped tiles like in our Chatham collection look great in a range of different layout designs, including herringbone, basketweave, vertical and brickbond. Below, three colours (dark grey, green and ivory) have been mixed together to create a beautiful walkway in a herringbone design.

chatham tiles in the doorway in different colours in herringbone layout

5. Tantalising textures

Adding texture to a wall or floor space makes it look tactile and interesting, especially when mixed with smooth tiles. Below, our Gea Linen tiles are made with raw bumpy edges for a handcrafted appearance and our Gea Carved Linen Tiles have lines carved into its surface, creating an effective linear pattern. Although subtle in colour, when paired together, they create a unique, eye-catching look.

different textured gea tiles as a splashback in a green kitchen

6. It’s all about the grout

Grout colour is a variable that you may not have even considered yet, but it can make a big difference to the look of a room. In the comparison below, the room on the left has been designed with our Pixel White Circular Matt 19mm Mosaic Tiles on the walls with white grout in between the tiles.

This gives the room a light and airy feel, making the stunning Scintilla Paprika Orange Star Pattern Tiles stand out, yet still retaining an element of interest with their small, round shape.

On the other hand, our Pixel White Hexagon Matt Mosaic Tiles have been used on the floor in @victorianadventure‘s bathroom alongside Chalk Farm Matt White Flat Mini Metro Tiles, both with dark grey grout. This colour highlights the edges of the tiles and gives the room a cosy, intimate feel.

two rooms with mosaics on the wall using different grout colours

Having trouble deciding? Order a free sample!

Ordering samples is a great way to discover which colours, patterns and finishes work well together. Here at Walls and Floors, we have a free sample service for cut tiles which arrives hassle-free through your letterbox! Order today to discover your perfect pair.

walls and floors free samples gif

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson