How To Work Out How Many Tiles You Need

When it comes to tiling a wall or floor space, there certainly are a lot of tile designs to choose from. Once you’ve chosen one that you love the look of, and you’ve ordered a sample to make sure you like it in real life, it’s time to place your order. You’ll need to work out how many tiles to order. We’re going to show you how easy this is to calculate! Here’s how to work out how many tiles you need…

1) How to work out how many tiles you need: Launch the Tile Calculator

On every tile page on the Walls and Floors website, you’ll find a Tile Calculator tab. This is a revolutionary tool that will help you calculate how many tiles you’ll need to order for your wall or floor space. C lick on the Tile Calculator tab on the tile you want to buy.

how to work out how many tiles you need

It will open up our Tile Calculator tool, which looks like this:

tile calculator

2) Take and insert your measurements!

In the first two boxes, enter the dimensions of the wall or floor space you wish to tile. In the dropdown, choose which measurement you’ve used. You can choose from metres, mm, cm, inches and feet!

To work out the height and width of the wall or floor space you’re going to tile, simply using a tape measure. Measure from side A to side C, and then side B to side D, as shown below.

Tile calculator diagram

Input these numbers into the Tile Calculator, and it will give you a quantity.

tile calculator quantity

3) Add additional surfaces

If you’re tiling more than one surface with these tiles, i.e. if you’re tiling all 4 walls and the floor, click the ‘Add Another Wall / Floor’ button. This will give you a fresh row of boxes to enter your dimensions for an additional surface. Keep adding and filling out the numbers until you’ve entered dimensions for all the surfaces you’re tiling with this one tile.

tile calculator add another surface

Once you’ve added all your dimensions, the Tile Calculator will give you a quantity and a price! The Tile Calculator adds 10% to the quantity. This is because we strongly suggest over-ordering by 10% to allow for cut pieces and wastage. This should also leave you with some spares to stash away in the shed or attic, in case of breakages at a later date.

4) Add to basket

There you have it – how to work out how many tiles you need! When you’re happy with the quantity, click the big orange ‘Add to basket’ button. Your tiles will be put directly in your basket, ready for you to checkout! Don’t forget to add any adhesive, grout and tools you might need to finish your job.

tile calculator add to basket

5) Complete your project

Once you’ve bought your tiles, we’ll have our friendly team deliver them! Then it’s over to you. Whether you hire a tiler or you take on the tiling yourself, it’s time to transform your interior space! Show us pictures of the finished project – we’d love to see! Send them to inspiration@wallsandfloors.co.uk



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