Introducing Our New Collection: Dante Tiles

Taking inspiration from Morocco and Southern Spain, our Dante collection features four unique designs and a complimentary white base tile. These tiles’ fresh, clean patterns give them a contemporary look, and their slightly uneven surface and irregular sides help to create a characterful look that’s enhanced by the collection’s different colours and designs.

Blue Dhalia

Dante Blue Dhalia Tiles have a symmetrical floral design that creates a kaleidoscope effect when placed together as the curved lines of the corners form smooth circular shapes.

Sand Flower

Designed in a delicate linear pattern with smooth, curved lines and soft shades of green and beige, Dante Sand Flower Tiles are perfect for bringing a fresh, characterful look into your home.

Blue Garden

Taking centre stage of our Dante Blue Garden Tiles is a delicate flower with a linear design that’s replicated in each corner to form a smooth, symmetrical look once the tiles are placed together.

Sand Cross

Simple but effective, Dante Sand Cross Tiles have a linear design in the shape of a cross with muted shades of grey and beige and a bold black square in the middle for an eye-catching look.

White Boarder Tile

Dante Plain Tiles perfectly compliment the other tiles in the range, creating a fresh, clean look that highlights the unique colours and designs in the patterned tiles. 

How would you style our Dante Tiles? We’d love to know! Tag us in your projects on Instagram @wallsandfloors.

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