Join the Trepanel® Trend with our Square Wood Slat Ideas

If you’ve been on the hunt for some creative and inspiring square wood slat ideas, you’ve come to the right place! We’re diving into the world of square wood slat panels with the release of our Trepanel® Square Panels! These elegant and versatile panels are about to become your new favourite design element, and we’re here to show you why! So, sit back, relax, and let your imagination run away with you!

Our Trepanel® Square range offers a variety of lighter and darker shades, so there is something that is sure to suit every space and interior design style. Their contemporary 600x600mm format allows them to be laid in a multitude of trendy layouts, which we’d love to show off to you!

1 – Trepanel® Ash Grey Panels – This Way, That Way

The first of our square wood panels are these cool toned Ash Grey Panels. They exude a modern charm that would fit seamlessly into an industrial style home. When used in this bedroom they create a cosy oasis, while keeping on theme with the monochrome look. This layout uses a variety of orientations, with two panels used vertically against two panels used horizontally, and then the odd wildcard here and there that adds depth and detail.

Modern bedroom with acoustic wood slat wall panels in a geometric pattern, featuring a plush grey armchair and a cosy bed with neutral linens.
Above, Trepanel® Ash Sqaure Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

2 – Trepanel® Noir Black Panels – Beautiful Basket Weave

Our Noir Trepanel® are a popular choice for those looking to create a modern monochrome scheme. Their dark charcoal colouring lends itself to creating a cool toned space, while maintaining a certain level of cosiness and comfort. This living room design appears inviting, and is sure to act as the perfect binge watching spot! The square basketweave layout creates character throughout the room, which without it the room would appear as though something was missing. Simply lay one square panel vertically and the next horizontally, and repeat this pattern across the desired area.

Stylish living room with noir square wood slat panels, grey sofa with decorative cushions, round marble coffee table with modern accessories, and an elegant round wall mirror.
Above, Trepanel® Noir Black Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

3 – Trepanel® Walnut – Striped Sophistication

Our Walnut wood slat panels are a favourite here at Walls and Floors HQ, and let us show you why! Their classic wood colouring creates a warm and inviting aesthetic that reflects the cosy nature neutral tones can emit. This sophisticated office space is perfectly complimented by the walnut square wood panels, creating a space that allows you to be productive while surrounded by the character and intrigue. Pair our Walnut panels with dark tones to replicate this elegant look, or compliment with lighter, more vibrant tones to add a bit of fun and excitement to your interior design.

Home office setup with walnut square wood slat wall panels, floating desk, comfortable taupe chair, laptop, desk lamp, and minimalistic decor.
Above, Trepanel® Walnut Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

4 – Trepanel® Smoked Oak – Warming Wonders

To take that comfort and warmth one step further, we recommend using a panel that features a warmer toned wood slat. These Smoked Oak panels are perfect for that in between of trendy cool wood with a touch of warmth. We’ve used them in this dining room design to create the perfect feature wall that adds a sense of intrigue. The layout enhances this, with the square panels in a staggered format vertically up the wall. Leave some exposed wall either side of this to introduce a splash of any colour you’d like!

Contemporary dining area with smoked oak square acoustic wall slat panels, round wooden table with cross legs, two elegant grey upholstered chairs, and a striking black wire pendant light.
Above, Trepanel® Smoked Oak Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

5 – Trepanel® Oak – Angled Elegance

Wood slat panels in the living room has been one of our favourite applications that our customers have found since their release. They create a homely environment while adding a charming decor to the space. We’ve laid these panels in the classic basketweave style, but slanted on an angle to introduce this unique and quirky nature. Paired with green tones throughout, the simple oak shade welcomes an earthy scheme to the space, enhancing that relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

Chic living room corner with oak square acoustic wood slat wall panels in a herringbone pattern, dark sofa with a green throw and tropical cushion, floor lamp, and a wooden coffee rable with decor.
Above, Trepanel® Oak Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

We hope we sparked your creativity and have given you plenty of wood slat ideas to play around with within your own home. Whether you’re dreaming of a modern makeover or a rustic retreat, Trepanel® has you covered. Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your designs over on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing what you’ve been up to and there’s a chance you’ll feature on our website!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard