Josephine’s Sky Blue Splashback – Metro Tiles

Josephine was tired of having a bland splashback behind the cooker in her kitchen, so she decided it was time to inject some colour and personality! She often for our beloved Euston Square Blue Metro Tiles. These glossy ceramic brick shaped tiles have a bevelled edge, which is perfect for bouncing light around the room! They also have a gorgeous, eye-catching sky blue hue, so they instantly added colour and character into Josephine’s kitchen!

Blue kitchen metro wall tiles

A splashback, if you didn’t know, is a surface that stands behind a cooker or a sink. It’s function is to catch any specks of water or pan fat (rather than have them sink into the paper or paint of an untiled wall). Metro tiles, due to their small and versatile size, are a popular choice when it comes to creating a kitchen splashback. Whilst Josephine opted for a classic brick-bond layout, you can also go for a more striking and elaborate herringbone pattern!

Walls and Floors have the largest selection of metro tiles colours in the UK!