Keeping it Clean and Simple – White Bathroom Ideas

The brilliance of a white bathroom scheme is one that is timeless, it’s been in style for years and we don’t see it going out of fashion anytime soon. It can be tricky to do it right though, as too much white can become clinical and blinding, so there has to be just the right amount. Adding various textures and accessories can help prevent this, resulting in a perfectly simple and clean white bathroom. Read on for our white bathroom ideas, offering all the guidance and inspiration you could possibly need!

1 – Welcome Bold Flooring

Bold flooring can introduce a truly characterful and varied look to your bathroom. We love the look of black and white patterned schemes, as they can be styled to be both modern and traditional, depending on personal preference. We’ve used our Whitechapel Gloss White Metro tiles in conjunction with our Zebra Stripe Monochrome Tiles, creating a geometric and contemporary look.

Above, Whitechapel Gloss White Metro Tiles

2 – Brighten Things up With Colourful Artwork

A sure-fire way of welcoming more variation into your space and preventing it from becoming too flat is to welcome simple artwork and prints throughout the space. Any bare wall where the artwork won’t get damaged is the perfect blank canvas. They’re also perfect for letting your personality shine in a blank room.

Above, Aleutian Mountain White Matt Tiles

3 – Gold Hardware

Adding gold against a white background will instantly elevate the bathroom space to appear more luxurious and expensive. Gold and white is a classic combination that we’re sure will remain timeless for centuries to come. Our Rhian Blanco White Gloss Tiles are the perfect backdrop for any bathroom space, with the simplicity and elegance stealing the show.

Above, Rhian Blanco White Gloss Tiles

4 – Pretty in Pastels

Pastel bathrooms are a scheme that will always be in style, from pastel blues and greens, to pinks and purples, the possibilities are endless. We love the aesthetic that marble and pastels creates, with a luxurious yet delicate appearance. Take our Cappella Polished White Marble Effect tiles for example, combined with our Pickett® Bevelled Mint Tiles.

Above, Cappella Polished White Carrara Marble Effect Tiles

5 – A Luxe Look

Luxurious bathroom schemes can result in a truly relaxing space where we can unwind and let our worries from the day just disappear. To achieve this style, try introducing what are considered luxurious metals like gold, and colours that calm your character and mind. Marbles are also always the perfect opportunity for designing a luxe look.

Above, Cappella Gold Gloss 60×30 White Marble Effect Tile

6 – Stunning Silver Fixtures

Silver and white can be a great way of introducing a modern and contemporary look to your interiors, with the industrial nature of exposed silver hardware making itself clear. When paired with marble schemes, this can create quite a natural look, complimenting a wide variety of styles within the bathroom.

Above, Velez Blanco Gloss 30×60 Marble Effect Tiles

7 – Welcome a Spa-like Feel

Spa inspired bathrooms very often adopt a natural scheme with plenty of beiges and creams dotted around. The introduction of wood textures and plants enhances that look and feel, creating a beautifully tranquil space for after those long hard days. Our Aleutian Mountain White Gloss Tiles are perfect for this style, with their slightly off-white colouring creating a perfectly natural feel.

Above, Aleutian Mountain White Gloss Tiles

8 – Glamorous and Sleek

Keeping your scheme sleek and sophisticated can help result in a truly glamorous bathroom look, with touches of your individual personality to make it your own. Stick to gold and a lighter colour palette, complimented by white tiles throughout the space for that touch of simplicity. Our Rhian Blanco Tiles remain our favourites for a simple backdrop.

Above, Rhian Blanco White Matt Brick Tiles

9 – Bathroom Furniture Remains Important

It’s not just the tiles that should be a considered purchase when doing up the bathroom, but also the furniture you introduce too! Baths, showers, sinks and toilets are ideal in that bright white shade, and compliment a variety of bathroom schemes, no matter the style. Ensure you give the furniture it’s time to shine!

Above, Opulence Calacatta Marble Lappato Tiles

10 – Full of Texture

Keeping your white bathroom scheme full of texture is incredibly important in preventing it from becoming too flat and lifeless. By doing this, you’re ensuring there’s many layers to the space. Try things like wood textures, wicker textures, metals, plants and even textured tiles like our Raffinato Decor to achieve this.

Above, Raffinato White Carrara Marble Effect Stripe Ceramic Wall Tiles

11 – Mismatched Mirrors

To create even further texture throughout your bathroom, consider introducing multiple different mirrors across the room. These can reflect the light around the space, not only making it look bigger, but also welcoming further texture and layers to the room. We love the look of this wall mounted vanity mirror over the sink, with the smaller mirror off to the side on the vanity.

Above, Valentina Alabaster Splitface Effect Tiles

12 – Try Black Grout

To create an ultra-modern monochrome scheme, try the popular trend of using black grout with your white tiles. By doing this, you create an extra layer to the space making the wall or floor multi-dimensional. Continue the monochrome look throughout the rest of the space for a cohesive look, resulting in a contemporary style.

Above, Cove Blanco Wall Tiles

13 – Vintage Feels

For a classic and vintage look try welcoming a design that exudes vintage glamour. Traditional gold taps and mirrors up against a white gloss tile work effortlessly at achieving this, and create a truly opulent look and feel. Our Achilles Snow Fish Scale tiles are perfect for capturing that vintage look, with their timeless fish scale format and shining gloss finish.

Above, Achilles Snow Fish Scale Tiles

There you have our top white bathroom ideas for a simple yet effective bathroom scheme! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your designs over on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing what you’ve been up to!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard