Luxury Has A New Name: Natural Carrara Marble Tiles

Carrara Marble is one of the most sought after natural stones in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Its unique veining makes every surface it touches a timeless piece of art!

Used by some of the greatest sculptors and architects in history, Carrara Marble has become synonymous with high-end luxury. The Polished Italian Carrara Marble Tile collection from Walls and Floors allows you to inject that luxury into your interior spaces.

natural carrara marble tiles

The natural trend

If you’re clued up on your interior design trends, you’ll know that the idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ and creating a natural look in the home has been popular for a while now. But why is that, exactly?

Well, introducing natural textures and elements helps you to feel closer to nature in your own home – and, thus, more relaxed and at ease. And isn’t that what you want in your home? For it to be a soothing safe haven where you can escape from the stresses of every day life, and unwind at the end of a hard day?

Polished Italian Carrara Marble tiles are the perfect candidate for inviting the natural look into your home.

natural carrara marble tiles

Where to use Carrara Marble Tiles…

Polished Italian Carrara Marble Tiles are very versatile! Not only are they perfect for transforming the floor spaces throughout your home, but they can also be used on wall areas (if properly reinforced)! Here are some of the rooms where these natural tiles will really make a difference…

> The hallway – greet your guests with a lavish look as they step through the front door

> The bathroom – create a luxurious spa-styled sanctuary you can relax in

> The kitchen – bring your cooking space to life with some elegant marble

> The living room – introduce a talking point you can discuss with your friends over a glass of wine

> The bedroom – sleep in beauty by seamlessly tying together your sleeping quarters with your en suite.

A brief history of Carrara Marble

There are lots of types of natural marble to choose from, so what makes Carrara Marble unique? Well, it’s the location. It has to come from the city of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy. If it’s not quarried there, then it’s not Carrara Marble. They’ve been quarrying in Carrara for hundreds of years, and it’s the finest marble the Earth has to offer!

carrara marble quarry italy

In fact, at the start of the 16th century, Michelango carved David, his most famous and beloved sculpture, out of Carrara Marble! And that’s not the only famous piece to be crafted out of it. Several of the globe’s most treasured landmarks are lovingly carved from this precious stone, too, including London’s Marble Arch and the Washington Peace Monument. It’s also largely used inside Rome’s Pantheon.

carrars marble david

Every tile is unique

The natural veining of Carrara Marble varies from tile to tile. No two tiles are ever the same, so you’re guaranteed to have an interesting and varied wall or floor display.

If you find white marks present on the surface of the tile, don’t worry – these are naturally occurring variations in mineral deposits, and they add to the overall character and aesthetic. These tiles embrace the beauty of imperfections. Due to each tile’s unique personality, we recommend dry laying before fixing to create a more subtle blend.

How to care for your Carrara Marble Tiles

Natural marble is highly absorbent so before and after you grout, apply a layer of LTP MPG Sealer. This will help protect and preserve the natural beauty of your tiles and it’ll prevent discolouration. PH neutral cleaners such as LTP Waxwash should be used regularly to both clean and maintain the marble and sealer. To further prevent discolouration, we advise using a white adhesive with these tiles, such as Uniflex White Wall and Floor Adhesive.

There you have it – a quick guide to Natural Carrara Marble Tiles. Why not order a sample?