Moroccan Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

Moroccan interiors have taken the design world by storm in recent years, with lavish patterns and bright colours adorning our homes more and more as we get braver and braver. There’s a variety of ways of implementing small or big changes in your own bathroom to achieve the same Moroccan bathroom look that we love. With our huge selection of Moroccan inspired tiles here at Walls and Floors, it’s super easy to add a splash of character, making it feel like you’re on your holidays all year round! Read on to be inspired by our range of Moroccan bathroom ideas.

What is Moroccan design?

Moroccan interior design commonly includes lots of bold, bright colours, with plenty of pattern and fluid lines. Ornate curves and luxurious metals are plentiful, and it typically looks like an artistic explosion of colour. Pay attention to the finishes and accessories you implement across your design, as these can play a massive part too.

– Use the Bath as a Focal Point

When we think of Moroccan style it often exudes luxury and elegance, so why stop in the bathroom? Typically, freestanding baths create a strong focal point in bathroom, with their sense of expense adding character to the design. Freestanding tubs with curved edges are ideal, but we also love the look of baths with ornate claw feet, to introduce a sense of traditional style while involving those curved and fluid lines.

We’ve used these Oakham Grey Pattern tiles to introduce that Moroccan feel, with their busy pattern design and modern colouring complimenting one another beautifully. Accessories like the large potted plant and black ladder shelf enhance the desired look and feel of this room, creating a luxurious scheme throughout.

Modern grey bathroom with freestanding bath in centre, black accessories and patterned grey tile across the floor.
Above, Oakham Grey Pattern Tiles

– Use Busy Floor Tiles

By busy we mean full of character and detailed pattern. Smaller patterns create a highly textured look and feel across bathrooms, enhancing that feel of luxury and elegance. Many Moroccan style homes will use plenty of floral pattern, complimented by modern colours like greys or muted blues. Accessorise with potted plants to reintroduce a warm sense of nature, bringing the space back down to earth.

We’ve used our Dante Blue Garden tiles across the floor here and finished the space off with matt black hardware. This creates a traditional look across the floors that is kept contemporary with the harshness of the black. These tiles take direct inspiration from Morocco and Spain, so you can be sure your space will be authentic.

Moroccan bathroom floor tile with mint square tile across the walls of vanity area, with modern black accessories.
Above, Dante Blue Garden Tiles

– Use Weathered Effect Tiles

For that old and rustic style, influenced by Moroccan design, introduce a tile that is designed to look weathered. This can create an industrial feel across the space, and when designed across a patterned tile, you can be sure that the Moroccan influence will make itself known. Pair with a simple white metro to ensure the tiles stand out and capture all the attention. Take our Vecchio Floreale Indigo Vintage Pattern Tiles as inspiration, with their vintage blue and white patterned design and weathered effect bringing plenty of character to the space. The pairing of the navy blue vanity unit ensures the room stays modern and contemporary, while the large potted plant ensures there’s a touch of natural beauty.

Traditional freestanding bath with claw feet, in Moroccan bathroom with weathered patterned floor tile and navy blue vanity basin unit.
Above, Vecchio Floreale Indigo Vintage pattern Tiles

– Introduce Bold Patterned Walls

If you’re not a fan of using extravagant pattern tiles across the walls, try them across the walls instead! A statement wall is always popular in bathroom design, adding character to a space that often ends up a bit lifeless. By using pattern tiles with multiple bold colours in, you’ll be introducing a touch of that Moroccan feel you’re looking for, while also ensuring your space looks high end and luxurious.

Pair your wall tiles with gold details like frames and hardware, warming the scheme up and continuing the elegant theme. We’ve used our Trellis Marrakesh tiles across the wall of this space, with a wall mounted basin and plenty of luxurious gold accessories dressing the area.

Colourful patterned wall tile with gold hardware details throughout sink area, grey stone effect floor tile.
Above, Trellis Marrakesh Tiles

– Keep it Neutral

If the bold colours and patterns scare you slightly, don’t worry. You can still achieve the look you desire with a more delicate, neutral design. There are plenty of tiles that feature that desired patterned look while keeping things stripped back and simple. You should feel comfortable and at home in your bathroom, and if the over the top vibrant shades aren’t for you, that’s okay. Pair your neutral scheme with muted colours, like blues or pinks. These are still soft and delicate shades that are sure to add a bit of depth to the room. We love how our Dante Sand Cross Tiles look in this bathroom scheme, with a muted blue vanity complimenting the beige tones throughout, and a bold black radiator pulling out the small amount of black in the face of the tile.

Neutral patterned tile bordering bathroom scheme with beige tones, black traditional radiator and plants throughout.
Above, Dante Sand Cross Tiles

– Continue Into the Wet Room

If you’re lucky and have a wet room in your bathroom, consider how the design will look in this space. Tiles used in bathrooms with a wet room are carried on throughout the whole space, making more of an impact. Use a tile that you’re comfortable with, as you’ll be using more of it. If this is something vibrant and colourful, go for it. If it’s something more muted and neutral, find ways to reintroduce the colour elsewhere to ensure your space remains more three dimensional.

We’ve paired our Mr Jones Ash Patterned tiles, which is a more beige pattern, with a light mint green shade in the Eton Green Rustic Metro Tiles. This green shade ensures the Moroccan influence is kept prominent, with the pattern across the floor giving a helping hand.

Moroccan bathroom flooring with mint green metro wall tiles in wet room area with wall mounted wood vanity basin unit.
Above, Mr Jones Ash Patterned Tiles

– Use Plenty Of Blue

We commonly see a lot of blue across Moroccan style interiors, especially blue and white patterns. Use this to enhance the look across your bathroom, with our wide variety of blue and white patterned tiles. Pair blue and white designs with classic whites across the rest of the space, even introducing marble if you feel daring. Marble can help enhance the luxurious look and feel across the room, perfect for this type of design.

Check out our Ledbury Powder Blue Pattern tiles for example. They’re perfect mix of blue and white across a floral, traditional tile. We’d recommend pairing these with a plain white metro, or, a modern marble effect metro like our Passion Onyx Clouds Tiles.

Blue and white patterned tile across shower area of Moroccan style bathroom.
Above, Ledbury Powder Blue Pattern Tiles

We hope you feel inspired from our list of Moroccan bathroom ideas, and now have the motivation to get designing! Be sure to tag us in pictures of your projects on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors. You may even get featured on our website!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard