BBQ Weather: Create the Ultimate Barbecue Area

With heatwaves galore this summer, it’s the perfect excuse to get some friends together and cook up some great food in the sunshine. Here’s a guide to creating the ultimate barbecue area in your garden…

Choosing the right barbecue for you

Long gone are the days where there were 2 of 3 models of barbecue to choose from. Inspired by our BBQ-mad cousins down under, there are now hundreds up for grabs! From simple disposables, through to classic kettles, through to new-fangled gas gobblers with hobs galores.

If you’re just having a one-off barbecue sesh, you can probably get away with buying a couple of disposables; stocked in most discount stores. If you’re hoping to fire up a few barbies throughout the summer, it’s probably worth investing in a re-usable kettle or gas BBQ, which you can cook on time and time again!

lakeside slabs with bbq

Above, Lakeside Silver Slate Effect Porcelain Paving Slabs Layout A

Create a stylish patio area

Once you’ve chosen your barbecue, you’ll need a sturdy patio or terrace to put it on! If you don’t already have one, you can easily create a stylish outdoor platform by using garden tiles. Yes, you heard us right – garden tiles. Tiles… that can go in your garden.

There are lots of fab designs to help you break away from boring old paving slabs and drab decking. There are even gripping anti-slip options to add extra safety to your outdoor spaces!

Our porcelain paving slabs are a great option for creating a calming, natural look in your garden for the perfect place to relax and unwind on those peaceful summer evenings.

View our full selection garden tiles here.

witton tiles with an outdoor log fire at night

Above: Witton Noir 20mm Porcelain Paving Slabs

How to clean your BBQ

If you’ve already got a BBQ and it’s in need of a good clean, don’t drag your grill into your kitchen. It’ll get your sink and worktops all covered in grease! Instead,  leave your grill where it is, and light it as usual, right before your barbecue! The heat will help to kill off any bacteria, and it’ll loosen up any grease. Then simply use a wire scrubbing brush to clean it all away!

leinz grey tiles with wicker furniture and champagne

Above: Leinz Grey Porcelain Paving Slabs

Add some homely touches to your BBQ area

Once you’ve created the patio space, set your barbecue up in the corner, and add some seating for your guests! A big trend is the idea of creating an ‘outdoor living area.’ This utilizes your garden space, and can even add value to your home. Invest in an external sofa and a coffee table, and voila – you have a garden lounge, ready for entertaining your guests.

spruce beech tiles with orange and yellow decor

Above: Spruce Beech Tiles

Inject some colour with weatherproof cushions! If your patio space is next to a fence or exterior wall, add personality by installing hanging baskets and wall planters! Fill the space with colour and character, and you’ll create an area that your friends love spending time in when they come over for a barbecue!

Wet Your Whistle this National BBQ Week

Remember to invest in a pitcher, which you can fill up with delicious homemade lemonade! There’s nothing more refreshing than lemonade on a hot summer’s day! Here’s a recipe for lemonade.

lemonade recipe

There you have it – a guide to creating the ultimate barbecue space in your garden, ready for National BBQ Week! Show us shots of your barbecues on Instagram at @wallsandfloors.

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