Neo Treasures: An Introduction to the Trend

jungle luxe isoline tiles brick
jungle luxe isoline tiles brick

At Walls and Floors, we’ve just launched our 4 interior trends for 2018. This in an introduction to trend number two, Neo Treasures, where we’ll tell you a bit about the trend, and how to achieve it in your home.

An explanation of Neo Treasures

Our exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte explains the trend: ‘Revel in an eclectic mix of tradition and opulence; Neo Treasures draws together rich materials and dramatic shades encapsulating a look of immaculate indulgence. Inspired by the art deco movement, shapes combined with fine details and flawless finishes’ are vital ingredients to inject bespoke design-led glamour enticing a ‘less is more’ boutique hotel feel – Celebrate your home with luxurious unique style.’

So, in other words, it’s all about creating a high-end, luxurious, statement look, with art deco elements forming a part of that (if you’re unsure what art deco looks like, think Great Gatsby).

How to invite Neo Treasures into your home

As mentioned earlier, Neo Treasures is all about injecting a statement luxury look, and nothing is more luxurious than marble! For an affordable, zero maintenance alternative to natural marble, try our Ador Marble Effect Tiles. This contrasting herringbone bathroom is very Neo Treasures.

jungle luxe isoline tiles brick

Our Isoline Tiles, when used in this vertical pyramid display, create a very boutique statement, typical of a luxurious hotel! Mix in some warm golden metallics and you’ve got a Neo Treasures sceme!

Explore our Neo Treasures tile collection

It couldn’t be simpler to create a Neo Treasures look in your home. To help you create your own luxury statement in your bathroom, kitchen, living area, bedroom or dining area, we’ve put together a collection of tiles that tie in with this stunning trend! Browse our Neo Treasures tile collection.

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