Nordic Elegance Boxing Day Living Room

We recently helped to create the Good Homes Room sets at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas! With its palette of plums, brasses, blues, greens and golds, the Nordic Elegance Boxing Day Living Room has a charming and colourful Scandi scheme.


wood effect tiles in Good Homes Magazine room Sets


The room centres around the gorgeous fireplace, with its stacked log piles and beautiful compact wood burner. The fireplace, which acts as the main focal point of the room, is cladded with our Ocean Teal Wood Effect Tiles from the Nyans Collection.

These small plank-shaped tiles have a realistic wood grain design in a gorgeous teal hue. They’re made from durable porcelain so they’re hardy and will last for decades.


Ocean teal wood effect tiles fireplace


They’re perfect for transforming any wall or floor surface throughout the home into a statement feature, and they have have a high quality finish that exudes luxury!

To add to the exuberant look, and to tie the vertical and horizontal slats together, we used a gorgeous Brushed Brass Trim, which really adds that sought after Midas touch.


wood effect tiles with brushed brass tile trim


On the floor spaces throughout this vibrant Nordic room, Uffmoor Wood Smoke Tiles have been used as a cooler, calmer base!

Grey in colour, these Uffmoor Smoke Tiles have a realistic wood grain design, which is perfect for welcoming that sought after natural look into your interior spaces.


uffmoor grey wood effect tiles


The cool hue perfectly contrasts the brighter, richer colour in the room, which provides the ideal colour balance!

Made from porcelain, these plank-shaped tiles are very durable and long lasting and, unlike natural wooden flooring, they’re resistant to scratching, which is great news if you’ve got pets or toddlers that are heavy-handed with their wooden blocks.


grey wood effect tiles flooring toys


We’re very happy that our tiles were used as such a key part of this stunning scheme! Check out the rest of the Good Homes Christmas Room Sets here.



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