Good Homes Room Sets – Ideal Home Show Christmas 2018

If you visited the Ideal Home Show at Christmas 2018, which was on in London this season, you’ll have seen the stunning festive Good Homes Room Sets, which we sponsored for the fifth time running!

The six awe-inspiring rooms are filled with trends and ideas you can copy in your home this festive season! Each space had its own unique theme, and our wonderful tiles featured in every single one of them; completing each look.


Winter Chic Christmas Day Living Room



The Winter Chic Christmas Day Living Room is all about creating your own own white Christmas! Our Tavern White Wood Effect Tiles featured on the floor, whilst our characterful Foxed Mirror Tiles, with their antiqued effect, appear in the corner; reflecting the gorgeous Christmas tree! Click here to browse the room set


* * * * * *

Nordic Elegance Boxing Day Living Room



The Nordic Elegance Boxing Day Living Room has a stylish Scandi woodland scheme, with a palette of brasses, plums, blues, greens and golds! The fireplace was cladded using our Ocean Teal Tiles, which are part of our Nyans Wood Effect collection. On the floors, our grey Uffmoor Smoke Wood Tiles were used to create a cool and calming base. Click here to browse the room set.


* * * * * *


Colourful Carnival New Year’s Eve Living Room



Focusing in on Maximalism, which is a big trend for 2019, this busy living area is full of colour and striking statement pieces! Our stylish Nyans Wood Effect Tiles, which come in an array of fab colours, are used on the floor space in an eye-catching patchwork herringbone design. Click here to browse the room set.


* * * * * *


Disco Fever New Year’s Eve Dining Room



Ready for that big New Year’s Eve Party, the Disco Fever New Year’s Eve Dining Room has a very opulent look – with a backdrop of black, accents of gold and purple, and a stunning chequered ‘dance floor’ using our 80×80 Black and White Polished Porcelain Tiles. Click here to browse the room set.


* * * * * *


Beautifully Scandi Boxing Day Dining Room



Focusing on the art of banqueting, this cosy and nostalgic scheme is full of floral prints and Scandi-styled woodland themes. To add to the warm theme, our Oxid Rost Tiles have been used on the floor, with their rusted metallic appearance. Click here to browse the room set.


* * * * * *

Classic Elegance Christmas Day Dining Room



Full with elements you might find on a crisp winter walk, such as branches and berries, this gorgeous dining room is the perfect place to indulge in your Christmas lunch! It uses our stunning Olive Scintilla Tiles, which have a star-shaped pattern in a green hue, to create a striking statement floor. Click here to explore the room set.



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