Classic Elegance Christmas Day Dining Room

We recently helped to create the Good Homes Room sets at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas! Our favourite space by far was the¬†Classic Elegance Christmas Day Dining Room, which is full branches and berries you might find on a crisp winter’s walk, along with an oversized wreath and advent calendar.



Immediately, your eyes are drawn downwards, where our gorgeous Olive Scintilla Tiles have been used to create a stunning statement floor. With a base as ornate and impactful as this, you can afford to be fairly plain with the remainder of your decor!

These patterned Scintilla Tiles, which are currently taking Instagram by storm, have a star shaped design in a green hue, which ties in beautifully with the woodland elements used in the scheme.



Made from a durable grade of ceramic, these charming patterned Scintilla Tiles are far more scratch resistant than laminate or traditional wooden flooring, which makes them an ideal candidate for a dining area floor space; where chair legs are being dragged around on a regular basis.

Look closely and you’ll see that these tiles have a slightly weathered and aged look; this is to help you create the appearance of an original vintage, period floor space, which has been there for all time.



It might interest you to know that these tiles aren’t limited to use on floor spaces. They’re also fantastic for creating a charming feature wall in a living area, bedroom or bathroom. They even look amazing when used as a splashback behind a kitchen worktop.

Because they’re heat resistant, they’re also often used as a surround or hearth for fireplaces, which is an excellent way of injecting some vintage style into an area where a woodburner or traditional fire is installed.



We really loved behind part of this room set! To see the other Good Homes Room Sets that we featured in at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas this year, click here.



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