Oak Furnitureland’s Top 5 Trends This Spring

What better time of year is there to inject a little life back into your home? Oak Furnitureland shares its top interior trends to update your home this Spring.


Under the Sea

Our ocean-inspired trend is a fresh and grown-up approach to the popular nautical theme of anchors and stripes. Awash with murky greys, sea greens and ocean blues, and touches of velvet and decorative foliage, Under the Sea is perfect for those who love to be by the sea but want a more subtle look.



For corners with lots of light, the trend can breathe a breath of fresh air into a room. The smoothness and curves of painted furniture such as our Bella range, paired with pops of blue and grey and the vintage Scintilla Sapphire tiles add depth and calmness to a room.

And when it comes to playing with this colour palette, Stylist, Joanna Thornhill, says: “Have a play with paint effects. Use watered down emulsions and eggshells on the walls and woodwork to create a washed effect. Let the paint drip natural or move it into wave-like patterns with a sponge. Dip your toe in the water and restrict it to a feature wall, using masking tape around the edges while you work or take the plunge and apply the effect to the entire room.”


Playful Geometrics

Be bold and embrace a mismatch of colour with our Playful Geometrics trend. Merging geometrics and pops of vibrant colour: clashing has never looked so good. Team it with chunky natural wood tones, paint-finished furniture pieces and these statement Harley Street tiles to really dial up the experimental style.



Think outside the box when it comes to storage and the layout of your rooms too. Stylist Joanna Thornhill says: “In a large room where you want to zone off different areas, consider using bookshelves as partial room dividers. Standing them with their sides to the wall will cut into the space. To stop the feeling of being boxed in, try using a shorter design on the end to aid flow.”



Connect with nature again in our Greenhouse trend, which blends the industrial and the living to create the perfect climate for relaxed, easy living.

Our loft-inspired Brooklyn range blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor with its hard, architectural lines and soft honey-toned oak and curved edges.



As well as combining different linens, upholstery and textiles to add comfort and warmth, stylist Joanna Thornhill also suggests using greenery: “Add a flourish of foliage to your dining table when you’re entertaining by suspending a simple pole from some ceiling hooks and wrapping it in ivy cut from the garden.”


Sunbleached Terracotta

Bring your summer holiday to you this year by adding subtle, sophisticated summer warmth to your home using the natural tones and golden grains of our oak furniture in our Sunbleached Terracotta trend.

Paired with authentic Mediterranean touches such as woven basketry, glass, wool and cork, you will be transported to your favourite destination in a flash.



Keep things simple with our French Farmhouse double wardrobe’s classic style and the Hercules tallboy’s rustic look. And for a touch of some extra texture add some wall art and plants.

Joanna Thornhill suggests: “If you like the look of Macrame wall hangings, don’t worry if you don’t have the skill to create your own. You can try something simpler by attaching some tied lengths of wool to a brass bar, mixing in different colours to coordinate with your interior. Cutting the ends to a uniform length or a point will complete the look perfectly.”


Havana Nights

Our Havana-inspired trend just calls for a cocktail or two. Textured walls, tropical prints and hot pinks, the Havana Nights look is vibrant, electric and full of life.



Despite the energy of this look, keeping things casual is key. “If you don’t have room for a full three-piece suite in the sitting room or simply want to make the most of another area of the house, pop a large upholstered footstool in a corner and pile on lots of cosy cushions to create a chill out space”, says stylist, Joanna Thornhill.

Visit one of our 99 stores or the Oak Furnitureland blog to find more ideas for your home.



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