Our Beautiful Ideas for Using Patterned Tiles Across Your Home

Here are our beautiful ideas for using Patterned Tiles across your own home, whether you’re looking for a simpler, classic look, or want to be bold and daring with bright and vibrant patterns.

– Complement Your Patterns With Simpler Designs

Using patterned tiles can be a scary concept for some of us, it can go very wrong or very right. Complementing patterns you choose to implement in your space with plain, simple surroundings can be an easy way of ensuring your space goes exactly the way you want it to. Here are some examples of how we’ve achieved this:

Cream bathroom with wood floor and patterned tile boarder around entirety of room.
Above, Dante Sand Cross Tiles

Here we have used the Dante Sand Cross Tiles in combination with our Dante White Plain Tiles, creating a border across the bathroom space. This is a simple way of injecting some character and delight to your space, without it being too dramatic.

Tiled shower space With black accents and sink in shot.
Above, Texxtile Lux Tiles

For this we have used The Texxtile Lux Tiles across the floor space, pairing them with the Texxtile Cotton Tiles, which help bring out the gorgeous cream shades in these tiles.

– Be Bold and Use Pattern on Pattern

If you’re looking for a more daring and extravagant look, then try clashing two patterns together to create a unique and original interior, or exterior, space. This can be a great way of letting your brave and fearless personality shine through in your choice of décor.

Jungle themed wallpaper with diamond floor tiling, grey chair with coloured accents.
Above, Osby Blue Patterned Porcelain Tiles

Here we have laid our Osby Blue Patterned tile to form angled diamond shapes across the floor, and combined this with a luxurious forest effect green wallpaper, resulting in a cosy corner, perfect for reading a book or relaxing after a hard day. The complementary tones used across the accessories in the space has elegantly brought out the colour in these beautiful Osby Blue tiles.

Detailed patterned floor tiles with bottle and potted plants off to the side.
Above, Heritage Blenheim Blue Pattern Tiles

Alternatively, there is the opportunity to pattern clash, simply within the tiles you decide to use. These Heritage Blenheim Blue Pattern Tiles come as 316x316mm tiles, so feature multiple different designs on one tile. This makes it simple and easy to achieve this look, without having to consider what patterns to match them with. We’ve already done the hard part for you!

– Create a Cosy Garden with Elegant Exterior Patterned Tiles

Using patterned tiles outdoors is something many people tend to steer away from when redoing their garden space. However, we think it is the perfect opportunity to add style and create the perfect hosting space for any garden parties you’re planning. We have a range of outdoor patterned paving slabs, check out how we’ve styled them.

Outdoor patterned paving with outdoor furniture in shot.
Above, Leinz Grenoble Patterned Porcelain Paving Slabs

For this garden space we got creative and used the Leinz Grenoble Patterned Porcelain Paving Slabs in combination with a simple and plain slab to give the illusion of an outdoor rug. This is an ideal method if a cosy and warm space is what you have in mind.

Outdoor patterned paving slabs with rustic wall tiles. Potted plants off to the side of shot.
Above, Leinz Sion Patterned Porcelain Paving Slabs

Above we have used the Leinz Sion Patterned Porcelain Paving Slabs to create this beautiful patio space. The weathered and worn effect on these tiles create the appearance of a well loved and used garden space. They add style and sophistication to this otherwise plain garden space.

– Use Patterned Tiles to Create Gorgeous Backsplashes

We love a creative backsplash at Walls and Floors, they can add so much to a kitchen space. Patterned tiles allow a great opportunity for getting creative with your kitchen backsplashes.

Green kitchen space using patterned tiles as backsplash with wooden accents.
Above, Gatsby Grey Tiles

As an example, here are our Gatsby Grey Tiles in action. Here they’ve been laid uniquely by tilting them to be diagonal rather than straight, creating a stylish diamond effect across the space. Experiment with variations of laying tiles for yourself, to land upon a formation that you will love for years.

Simple patterned mint green backsplash tiles with wooden kitchen.
Above, Hoxley Pistachio Tiles

For this backsplash we’ve used these Hoxley Pistachio Tiles for a much more subtle and understated look. A simpler pattern can be just as effective when tiling your backsplash, if the bold and adventurous patterns aren’t for you.

– Use Patterned Tiles in Your Hallway for a Victorian Aesthetic

If you want a grand and classic Victorian hallway as you open your door up to your guests, then a patterned tile is the perfect way of achieving this. Original Victorian tiles are an expensive way of achieving this, so have a look at how we’ve used some of our cheaper alternatives to create the same effect.

Light blue hallway space using detailed pattern floor tiles.
Above, Kingsley Blue Pattern Tiles

These bright and airy Kingsley Blue Patterned tiles used in this hallway space perfectly achieve that timeless Victorian look. Their detailed pattern does all the work for this hallway space, with little accessories needed to add further character.

Dark blue hallway space using detailed pattern tiles.
Above, Ledbury Navy Blue Pattern Tiles

Similarly, these Ledbury Navy Blue Pattern Tiles have achieved the Victorian appearance all on their own, with complimentary blue tones used across the space to further enhance their beauty.

There are some ways that we have used patterned tiles across our designs, let us know how you use these ideas in your own space by tagging us in your images on Instagram, @wallsandfloors

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard