With that lovely long Christmas break looming, how about fixing yourself an American-style breakfast? Follow this simple, step-by-step recipe for cooking up delicious Paleo Pancakes!



1 x Banana
1 x whole Egg
1 x egg white
Dash Olive Oil



1. Crack the eggs into a blender, and add cut-up pieces of the banana

2. Blend until you have a nice, smooth mix

3. Pour a little olive oil into a flat frying pan, and place on heat

4. Tip a small amount of the banana and egg mixture into the pan.

5. Fry until nicely browned, flipping half-way through.

6. Slide onto a plate.

3. Top with honey and raspberries.


Tip: For alternate toppings, try bacon or maple syrup.


Will you be serving this up to your friends and family at the breakfast table this Christmas?



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