Pastel Tile Ideas – A Pop of Pastel

The soft and delicate nature of pastel colours is one that exudes relaxing and peaceful vibes, which we think is perfect for your all important interior design! Whether you loose yourself in tranquillity with pastel green tones, or let your personality shine with pastel blues and pinks, we have options for every style and home. Using colours throughout the home is the perfect way of ensuring the home is truly yours, allowing your character and style to make itself known. Pastels often become more popular in spring, as they can signify a joyful break in the gloomy colours that come with winter. Read on to find some beautiful pastel tile ideas that are sure to inspire you!

1 – Serene Green

Green exudes a sense of calmness and relaxation, making it perfect for use across areas like the bathroom, where we look for that spa-like feel. The shade range for green tiles is impressive, with dark and moody green tiles, perfect for kitchen splashbacks, and the lighter, mint greens taking centre stage in the bathroom. For a modern scheme, pair your pastel green tiles with white accessories and simple furniture pieces, but for a more vibrant and individual feel, green complements pinks beautifully!

Pastel green brick shape wall tiles across shower and splashback in bathroom with wood tile flooring.
Above, Eton Green Rustic Metro Tile

2 – Gorgeous Geometrics

If it’s something more fun and quirky you’re looking for, try introducing geometric designs across the home, with a splash of pastel goodness to make them stand out. Geometrics are incredibly popular for achieving that modern, futuristic look. They create lots of detail in this bathroom space, and have been uniquely used across the floors to result in a lively area. The pastel pink shade used in this design is popular in bathroom and kitchen designs, with its calming nature complementing this fun design nicely.

Pastel pink bathroom with geometric wall and floor tiles across shower and floor with white metro across bathroom splashback.
Above, Osby™ Pink Patterned Porcelain Tile

3 – Pretty in Pink

Pastel pinks exude a sense of freshness and vibrancy, perfect for the splashbacks in your kitchen space. Pink has been associated with frills and girliness for years, but with modern trends the colour is moving away from this connotation, and becoming an incredibly stylish shade for our homes. When paired with other vibrant colours, it becomes a feature, showing you’re not afraid of a bit of fun! Check out how Furniture and Choice have styled our Chatham Rose tiles in their kitchen/diner space, with a contrasting sunshine yellow bouncing off the pink beautifully!

Pastel pink brick metro tiles across splashback in kitchen with dining area featuring glass table and fabric chairs with yellow painted arch on wall.
Above, Chatham Rose Brick Tile, Hatton Round Oak and Glass Dining Table with 4 Oatmeal Fabric Chairs from Furniture and Choice

4 – Zesty Oranges

You may be thinking, orange? In the home? No way! But hear us out! A pop of orange is perfect for releasing your inner wild side, and showing your guests that you’re not afraid to get crazy! The combination of orange and green has been rising in popularity in recent months, with the contrasting pair bouncing off one another beautifully. Our Marmalade Rene Pick n’ Mix Gloss tiles feature a vibrant orange and a toned down peach shade, perfect for a pastel scheme with a splash of vibrancy!

Orange geometric wall tiles across splashback of bathroom sink area with plants throughout and matt black hardware.
Above, Marmalade Rene Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles

5 – Thoughtful Terrazzo

We have a whole variety of terrazzo effect tiles here at Walls and Floors, perfect for capturing the beauty of the real stone at a fraction of the price and difficult upkeep. The beauty of this is you can find a variety of different colours, textures and styles of terrazzo, easier than ever! We’re swooning over our Mizuki™ Fern Terrazzo tiles, as shown, with their muted pastel green shade and white details creating a textured look throughout this shower and bathroom space. The colouring across these tiles aid that spa-like feel we all long for, while their natural texture allows the space to appear at one with nature.

Pastel green terrazzo effect tiles across shower and floor space in white bathroom with matt black accessories.
Above, Mizuki™ Fern Terrazzo Ceramic Tiles

6 – Muted Moments

Instead of vibrant, saturated pastel shade, you do also have the opportunity to go for something more muted and subtle. Muted shades help tone things down slightly, and create a beautiful relaxing environment, whether it be across the bathroom or kitchen. Our Capsule range offers a variety of muted shades, but our Powder Room tiles come as a muted pastel pink shade, perfect for an Art Deco scheme, as shown! Pink and green is a colour combination that has been taking the design world by storm in recent years, as they contrast one another, creating a fun and quirky look.

Muted pink square tiles across splashback of bathroom with gold hardware and plants to accessorize.
Above, Capsule™ Powder Room Tiles

7 – Marvellous Marble

Marble doesn’t always have to be in the traditional white and grey scheme. Try an ultra luxurious coloured marble to really liven up your interiors with a true sense of originality. Pastel marbles are the epitome of individual style, and showcase your fearlessness when it comes to design. Our Peach and Apple Onyx Effect tiles feature a captivating marble design, with their delicate veining and gorgeous pastel colouring. Shown is the Peach shade, which is a soft, pretty pink shade, which we think compliments this bathroom perfectly.

Pastel pink onyx effect large format tiles across wall of bathroom space.
Above, Peach Onyx Effect Tiles

8 – Keeping it Neutral

The coloured tiles may be a little too much for some people, so you can always opt for a neutral tile in a light shade, and implement your pastel colouring somewhere you feel a little more comfortable. For example, across the kitchen. Try using a neutral beige or white across your splashback and floors, and introduce smaller pastel details in your appliances and accessories, like the toaster and tea towels. This way, you can control the amount of vibrancy in your home, and it doesn’t become too overwhelming. We’ve painted the cabinets of this kitchen space and beautiful pale blue, which works perfectly with the ivory colouring of our Faith Oatmeal Gloss tiles.

Ivory brick wall tiles across kitchen splashback with pastel blue cabinets.
Above, Faith Oatmeal Gloss Wall and Floor Tile

9 – Perfectly Patterned

Pastel patterns create a truly delicate and ethereal vibe in our interiors, which is perfect for a feminine flare. Whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, we welcome floral designs with open arms! Choose a tile with a neutral background and pastel design to capture that elegant atmosphere. Our Blossom Green Flower Pattern Tiles embody this perfectly, with their pale greens and greys working effortlessly to captivate us. The overall look and style of this space is relaxing and calming, perfect for a bathroom in need of a spa like twist. These tiles feature as a part of the Blossom range, which offers plenty of floral pastel goodness!

Pastel green and grey floral tiles across splashback of bathroom sink area with wooden vanity unit.
Above, Blossom Green Flower Pattern Tiles

We hope you feel inspired to get shopping for your perfect pastel tile and have more of an idea with what to do with your space! Be sure to tag us in pictures of the results on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing what you’ve been up to!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard