Split Face Tiles: In the Spotlight

split face tiles

When it comes to creating character in a room, texture is very important. Imagine a room with no texture, and nothing but smooth, flat surfaces; boring, right? That’s where our range of Split Face Tiles come in handy…

What are splitface tiles?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘splitface tiles’ or, as they’re sometimes referred to, ‘split face tiles,’ they essentially consist of strips of a particular material, which are cut to different widths, heights and thicknesses, and are arranged to create a staggered, multi-levelled surface. Our range of Split Face Tiles is made from natural slate; instantly adding a ritzy, voguish look to an interior space.

Splitface tiles on wall

Create a feature wall

If your room is lacking character, then a feature wall is a great way to add some ‘wow’ factor. A feature wall is essentially a focal point that catches the eye of your guests as soon as they enter the room. They’re also a cheeky way of injecting a healthy dose of interest into a room, without having to decorate all four walls. Splitface tiles are perfect for creating a feature wall! Here, Graham has created one in his bedroom…

Splitface mosaic tiles in bedroom customer project

Similarly, Megan created a feature wall at the head of her open-plan kitchen / diner area! She used the darkness of the slate to contrast her vast white-washed walls! Without these split face tiles, her room would be much too light.

Splitface wall tiles

Accent lighting: Bring your splitface tiles to life!

To really highlight the texture of your split face tiles, try using some accent lighting! Angle a lamp or strip-light in the direction of your tiles. This will illuminate the staggered, eye-catching design; turning it into a room-stealing focal point. Below, Helen used pink strip lights to bring the details of her splitface mosaics to life!

Splitface bathroom with accent lighting

Out and about

If the splitface design looks familiar to you, that’s probably because it is! Split face tiles are dominating the décor schemes of some of the trendiest, swankiest establishment around. All throughout the UK, split face tiles are appearing in the most trendy and fashionable hotels, restaurants and bars! So it’s a fantastic look to bring into your home!

split face tiles

Bring a fireplace to life

If you’re got a dull, lifeless fireplace that needs jazzing up a little, splitface tiles provide the perfect backdrop! See below, for example. James hated the bland void that surrounded his wood burner. So what did he do? He cocooned the fireplace with striking, staggered slate split face tiles! They add a beautiful rustic finish.

Splitface slate mosaic tiles

Frame your TV!

TV screens are getting larger by the year and although they’re flatter than ever before and can be mounted to the wall, that’s still an awful lot of lifeless black mass to have in a room! That’s why it’s best to fix your TV to the centre of a feature wall, to help make the TV more of a focal point; to include it in the scheme, rather than to plonk it somewhere it’ll look out of place. Lynne created a stunning splitface feature in her living room, and used it to frame her TV! It looks fantastic…

Splitface TV stand

Fill those bathroom recesses with Split Face Tiles

If you have recess shelving in your bathroom, then turn them into eye-catching focal points by lining them with splitface tiles! When off-set against plain white walls, this transforms the recesses into accent points that draw the eye.

Splitface bathroom

So there you have it… some ways textured split face tiles can help to bring your home to life! Head over to the Slate Split Face Tiles range, and order some free full size sample tiles, with free delivery.