Taking a Good Review Photo

It’s always exciting to see what you’ve been up to and how you’ve been using our products, so we love when we get good review photos! If we come across a particularly good photo there’s a chance it’ll be used across our website! We’ve put together a list of things we look for in a good review photo as a guide, so your image could be in with the chance of featuring on our website!

Ensure you:

Check the photo is in focus

Remove any clutter from the space

Avoid pictures of yourself

Get the right lighting

Make sure your space is finished and clean

Focus the attention on the product

Put all your furniture and décor in the area

Image from @dark_revelry

– Staying Focussed

When you’re taking your image and setting up the angle, make sure you check your camera is in focus before you snap the picture. If you’re taking the image on a smartphone, simply tap on the screen where you’d like for the camera to focus and take your picture. If the camera is unfocused when you take your picture your image will be blurry, meaning we can’t see a true reflection of what the product looks like. Please make sure you focus on the product you’re reviewing, and not the surroundings.

– Remove Any Clutter

Ensure you clear away any clutter or unnecessary mess in the area before taking your picture. This includes anything like leftover grout or adhesive you may have used to complete your project. We do, however, love to see your normal home comforts in the shot. Include your furniture and accessories that you’d normally include in the space so it looks lived-in and natural.

Image from @that_overton_house

– Avoid Pictures of Yourself

If you’re sending us pictures of your beautiful products, to make it a good review photo, please refrain from including yourself in the image. We cannot feature you or your face on our website! However, we do love seeing your furry friends getting involved! If your pets are desperate to get in the shot, and you’re happy for them to be featured, be sure to get a few snaps!

– Get the Right Lighting

It’s so important to ensure the lighting is good when you’re taking your image. We’d always suggest using natural lighting to take your picture and refrain from using the artificial flash on your phone or camera. Natural lighting ensures our customers can see what the product looks like in a real and natural setting. Take your picture at an appropriate time of day when it’s bright and light outside, not when it’s miserable and dull.

– The Room Should be Done and Dusted

Please ensure when you’re taking your photos that your project is finished and complete. Seeing the process of redoing your home is always fun and exciting to us, but to get the full effect of the product we would love to see the finished result! Remove any spacers or leftover products from the area, ensuring it’s nice and tidy for your photoshoot.

Image from @dark_revelry
Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard