Top 10 Bedroom Tile Ideas: Sleep in Beauty

Time your bedroom had a makeover? You might not have considered using tiles, but they’re a fab choice for your sleeping quarters! They last a lot longer than carpet and laminate, and they’re more resistant to stains and scratches! They’re also super easy to clean. Here are our Top 10 Bedroom Tile ideas…

1) BoCoCa Chevron Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect bedroom tiles

The idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ is a huge interior design trend, and it’s not going anywhere! Designers the world over are inviting natural textures and surfaces into interior spaces, so you’ll notice an abundance of wood effect and stone effect tile designs. Part of our BoCoCa Wood Effect Tiles range, these tiles have an interesting chevron design – a welcome break from the traditional plank shape, and an eye-catching base for any bedroom area.

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2) Achilles Seashell Marble Effect Fish Scale Tiles

Add a little luxury into your bedroom with this extremely trendy fish scale tiles! They have a marble effect design, which creates an expensive look!

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3) Ivory Mix Mosaic Tiles

An enchanting blend of iridescent pieces, these Brown Mix Mosaic Tiles are perfect for injecting a little ‘unicorn’ charm into your room. Use them to create a feature wall.

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4) Slate Split Face Tiles

split face tiles bedroom

It’s not all about transforming those bedroom floor spaces – adding a striking feature wall is another fab way of refreshing the look of a room. Textured surfaces are a great way of injecting character into a lacking or lifeless wall area. Made from natural slate, our split face tiles consist of strips of different lengths and thicknesses that have been bonded together to create a staggered, multi-levelled surface.

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5) Vintage Wood Plank Tiles

vintage wood plank tiles

Wood effect tiles don’t just come in natural browns and sands – there are white-washed versions too, such as these vintage wood tiles! White woods are fundamental in creating that popular soothing Scandinavian look in your home. Adding white tiles into an interior space also helps to make the room seem larger and brighter, so if you want to refresh your bedroom, they’re a great option!

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6) Blengdale Haya Wood Effect Tiles

Blengdale soft touch wood effect tiles

If you love the wood effect look but you’re not a fan of chevron, white-washed or multi-sized designs, then how about a traditional plank in a gorgeous light brown hue? These Blengdale Wood Effect Tiles, with their charming wood grain design, are perfect for piecing together a naturalistic base in your bedroom space, and they have a revolutionary soft touch design, so they feel nicer underfoot!

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7) Ruvido Hexagon Tiles

ruvido hexagon tiles

Earlier, we touched briefly on the idea of creating a striking feature wall in your bedroom. Adding characterful tiles to a wall space is a quick and easy way to give the room a new burst of life. The humble hexagon is one of the trendiest shapes in the world of interior design. Our Ruvido Hexagon Tiles, with their wonderful stone effect patchwork of patterns, are perfect for creating a honeycomb feature wall in a bedroom.

Get a sample here: Ruvido Hexagon Tiles

8) Salon Porcelain Tiles

salon porcelain tiles

More and more designers are warming to the benefits of porcelain tiles. Due to their longevity, they’re more eco-friendly than a lot of other flooring options. They’re easy to clean, they don’t mark and scratch like laminate and hard wood flooring, and if you spill a glass of red wine, who cares? You simply wipe it up! Among our most durable designs are Salon Porcelain Tiles. Choose from a selection of different colours in matt, gloss and riven finishes.

Get a free cut sample here: Salon Porcelain Tiles

9) Voronoi Hexagon Marble Effect Bedroom Tiles

Voronoi hexagon marble effect tiles

Stone tiles are hugely popular thanks to the natural trend, but of all the different stone types, marble is the most sought after. Perhaps this is down to its luxury connotations and its characterful veining. Whatever the reasoning, natural marble is fairly costly and requires ongoing treatment and maintenance. That’s where trendy porcelain alternatives, such as Voronoi Hexagon Tiles, come into play! They’re alive with a realistic marble effect design, complete with characterful veining, and they’re zero maintenance! They were featured in the Good Homes Room Sets at Ideal Home Show.

Get a sample here: Voronoi Hexagon Marble Effect Tiles.

10) Avenue Concrete Effect Tiles

avenue bedroom tiles

If you keep up to date with all the latest interior looks, you’re probably aware of the charming industrial trend, where factorial elements are brought into the home. Concrete flooring is a huge part of creating an industrial scheme – but not everybody has a concrete floor readily available. That’s concrete effect tiles, such as the ones in our Avenue collection, come in handy. They’re perfect for tying together a bedroom with its en suite, and there’s even a brick-shaped wall tile!

Get a free cut sample here: Avenue Concrete Effect Tiles now.

So there you have it – our Top 10 Bedroom Tile ideas – a selection of our finest designs for use in your sleeping spaces! Tag us in pictures of your space on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, they might even get featured on our website!

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