Top 9 Hexagon Tiles

One trending shape, when it comes to tiling your home, is the six-sided hexagon! Perfect for piecing together an eye-catching honeycomb display, hexagonal designs come in lots of styles and sizes! Here’s are our Top 9 Hexagon Tiles

1) Ruvido Hexagon Tiles

ruvido hexagon tiles

In a grey-scale hue and with a mix of elaborate tribal patterns, these Rubido Hexagon Tiles are perfect for creating a room-stealing feature wall that your guests on’t soon forget! Each tile contains 8 hexagon shapes, and they slot together for quick and easy coverage!

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2) Bijou Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

bijou hexagon mosaic tiles

Mosaics are a great way of tiling into tight, awkward spaces. These Bijou Mosaic Tiles are a popular choice. They have a matt finish, and make for a fab splashback in a kitchen or bathroom! They come on a mesh backing for easy installation. White tiles make an interior space feel larger, brighter, and instantly refreshed.

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3) Hexa Cube Hexagon Tiles

hexa cube mosaic tiles

If you want something a little more striking and colourful, then how about these Hexa Cube Hexagon Tiles? They’re perfect for creating a bold statement look on your wall spaces. Each hexagon is divided into three bevelled diamond-shaped pieces; one blue, one black, and one white. The result? A 3D geometric cube design, which is appearing in all the UK’s hottest interior magazines.

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4) Victorian Unglazed Hexagon Tiles

victorian clay hexagon tiles

We all love a traditional period look – especially when it comes to decorating our kitchens and hallways. Success TV shows such as Downton Abbey have transformed the UK into a nation of vintage style hunters, and these Victorian Hexagons promptly end the hunt. Made from clay, these hexagonal quarry tiles are perfect for achieving a striking period floor display in any room throughout the home.

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5) Affaire Hexagon Tiles

affaire hexagon tiles

If you like a more elegant and unique look in your home, use these intricately patterned Affaire Hexagon Tiles to piece together a statement floor or a feature wall. They have a gently textured surface, and are reminiscent of lovingly painted Faberge eggs.

6) Voronoi Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles

voronoi hexagon tiles

The idea of creating the natural look in your home remains possibly the strongest interior design trend to date. Of all the natural materials to choose from, marble is the most desirable. That’s why we invited these Voronoi Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles into our collection. With a realistic marble effect design, which is laced with gentle veining, they’re ideal for injecting a little luxury into a floor space.

7) Oriental Marble Mosaic Hexagon Tiles

marble hexagon tiles

Prefer the real thing? Then you’ll love these gorgeous Oriental Marble Mosaic Hexagon Tiles. Made from natural marble, they come on a mesh backing, and are perfect for injecting that must-have natural look into your interiors. Best of all? They can be used on both wall and floor spaces!

8) Pizzazz Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

pizzazz hexagon tiles

With their gorgeous rustic and copper tones, these Pizzazz Hexagon Mosaic Tiles are perfect for the more eco conscious amongst you. Why? Because they’re made from 98% recycled glass! They have a gorgeous shimmering skin, which is guaranteed to catch the eye of your friends and family.

9) Rokkakkei Wood Effect Tiles

wood hexagon tiles

Keeping with the natural theme from earlier on, these Rokkakkei Wood Effect Tiles have a stunning wood-ring design; creating an artistic log pile effect when applied to the wall! They’re so stylish, they were hand-picked by a designer to appear at the Ideal Home Show.

There you have it – our Top 9 Hexagon Tiles! Which will you choose for your own honeycomb display?

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