Transform your Home with Our Spooktacular Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween is the season that lets us unleash our creative interior side like no other! Picture cobwebs hanging from the corners of the room, a cauldron bubbling away in the kitchen, and a few ghostly figures lurking around here and there. What if we told you there’s a whole new side to Halloween decor that will not only send shivers down your spine, but also elevate your home’s style and sophistication? Get ready for our Spooktacular Halloween decor ideas as we explore our incredibly chic yet eerie designs, perfect for the spooky season!

1 – Ominous Orange’s

The colour orange is a vibrant, warm and irresistibly festive shade, and when it comes to Halloween, no other hue captures the spirit of the season quite like it. Orange is great for bringing a whimsical sense of style to the home and introduces a haunting pallete to your existing colour scheme. Halloween and pumpkins are as synonymous as bread and butter, and so the introduction of pumpkin accessories is vital. Rather than limiting yourself to the traditional carved real pumpkins, consider more stylised options that can even act as table centrepieces. Fake pumpkins also remain intact for many Halloweens to come! Work with warm tones and you’ll result in a cosy, inviting space, packed with spooky goodness!

Above, 1- Made.com. 2- Hope Ochre by Walls & Floors. 3- George at ASDA. 4- Made.com. 5- George at ASDA. 6- George at ASDA. 7- George at ASDA. 8- Churchill by Walls & Floors. 9- George at ASDA. 10- Saloon Tavern by Walls & Floors.

2 – Carve your own Petrifying Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins at Halloween is a given. It’s a fun activity to get involved in and adds a fun character to your home! They traditionally sit outside on the door step, and as a rule of thumb, when you’re out trick or treating, if someone has a spooky pumpkin lit up outside, they’re more than happy for you to knock on the door! Remember this when placing your own pumpkin outside! Scoop out the pumpkins insides and carve a face or character with a sharp knife, and you have a traditional yet personalised Halloween decoration!

3 – Ghastly Ghosts

Ghosts are a quintessential Halloween motif that will never go out of style! Whether you’re looking for the cute cartoony style or the spine-chilling alternative, they effortlessly combine fun decor with an unmistakable Halloween vibe. But who said ghosts have to be spooky? Our bathroom design is aimed towards those who perhaps prefer the whimsical side, incorporating friendly ghost figures into the decor. These charming little spirits are more likely to induce giggle than screams! The black and white scheme welcomes a sense of sophistication, ensuring the bathroom space remains grown up and mature, with a hint of fun!

Above, 1- Etsy. 2- Bathroom Mountain. 3- Aleutian by Walls & Floors. 4- George at ASDA. 5- Next. 6- Capella Gold by Walls & Floors. 7- Bathroom Mountain. 8- Bathroom Mountain. 9- Next. 10- Plum Metro by Walls & Floors.

4 – Wicked Wreaths

Forget the jolly greens and vibrant reds that adorn our wreaths at Christmas time, tis the season to delve into the mysterious and wickedly creative world of Halloween wreaths. We love the classic wreaths made with autumn leaves and miniature pumpkins, maybe even a cobweb or two! The familiar yet unique Halloween design will turn heads and spark conversations amongst the delivery drives for sure! It’s also a fun and easy DIY craft to do in the half term break with the kids, getting them excited about the big day!

5 – Gruesome Greens

Green is often overshadowed by the more traditional Halloween colours like orange and black, but is equally deserving of a spot in the limelight! Greens can have eerie undertones but also vivid intensities, adding a whole new layer of atmosphere to Halloween decor. Green has become synonymous with witches and potions, perfect for the spooky season, but we love the combination of greens with a neutral black and white scheme, for a touch of modernity and elegance, while remaining spooky and on theme. Add touches of monochrome Halloween goodness into your already existing design to create a quirky and mature scheme.

Above, 1- Cove Olive by Walls & Floors. 2- George at ASDA. 3- Bosco Noce by Walls & Floors. 4- Next. 5- Made.com. 6- George at ASDA. 7- George at ASDA. 8- Scintilla Olive by Walls & Floors. 9- George at ASDA.

There you have our Spooktacular Halloween decor ideas, perfect for adding some seasonal sophistication to your home! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your Halloweeny homes over on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing your designs!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard