Transform your Space with Our Top Light Wood Slat Wall Panel Ideas

We’ve heard and seen your love for our Trepanel® wood slat wall panels, and so we thought we’d give you a bit of inspiration on using our lighter options! Light wood slat wall panels have taken the design world by storm, perfect for adding a bit of flare to what may otherwise be quite a flat space. Unlike traditional wall panels, Trepanel® is the perfect weekend DIY job with easy one-person installation and fully veneered slats, not forgetting their incredible price point, so you really have no excuse for refreshing your home this bank holiday! Read on to learn more about our top light wood slat wall panel ideas!

1 – Dining in Style

Wood slat wall panels are incredibly popular within areas of the house like the bedroom and living room, but have you thought about using them in your dining space? Lighter wood slat panels can provide a warm and inviting natural aesthetic to the dining room. The grain and texture of the wood can add visual interest to the dining room, and welcome a sense of cosiness. They’re also perfect for adding personality, as the dining room is the perfect opportunity to let your true design style go wild, unleashing your true creativity.

Dining area with table and chairs with light wood slat wall panels on wall alongside.
Above, Trepanel® Birch Acoustic Wood Panel

Trepanel® Birch is a beautifully warm light wood shade, with natural birch wood replication across the veneer on all slats. We’ve used our standard 2400mm height to ensure coverage from floor to ceiling, giving a complete look bursting with character.

Table and chairs in dining room with light wood slat wall panels across the wall alongside, with glassware and a vase on the table top.
Above, Trepanel® Birch Acoustic Wood Panel

2 – Living in Luxury

Trepanel® offers flexibility in terms of your design and arrangement. You can experiment with different spacing, orientations and patterns to get your desired look. Our wall panels also help improve acoustic properties within the living room by reducing sound reflections and echoes, softening any loud noise coming from your favourite tech. This can contribute to a much more pleasant and comfortable space for relaxation and socialising.

Dark velvet sofa in living room space with light wood slat wall panels across wall behind sofa, coffee table with plants and accessories on.
Above, Trepanel® Oak Acoustic Wood Panel

3 – Cosy Corners

Using light wood slat panels in a cosy corner can create a charming and intimate space within your home. The incorporation of natural elements like the wood grain texture aligns with mindful and wellness-focused design, enhancing the overall sense of tranquillity within the space. Light wood slat panels have a timeless quality that can outlast any passing design trends, making them a durable and long-lasting choice for your space.

Half wood slat wall panels in cosy area with teddy bear white chair and various accessories around the space.
Above, Trepanel® Oak Mini Acoustic Wood Panel

Our Oak mini-wall panels create the perfect opportunity for displaying your décor items such as small plants, framed photos and trinkets. You can personalise the space with items that bring you comfort and joy.

Close up of mini wood slat wall panels with modern vase on shelf.
Above, Trepanel® Oak Mini Acoustic Wood Panel

4 – Homely Hallway

Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to design. Light wood slat wall panels can add visual interest and break up the monotony of a plain hallway, making it a more engaging part of your home. The natural warmth of light wood can create a welcoming atmosphere as you enter your home, which is especially valuable in a hallway as it’s typically the first place people see upon entering.

Wood slat wall panels across wall in hallway space with bench in centre of shot.
Above, Trepanel® Smoked Oak Acoustic Wood Panel

5 – Beautiful Bathrooms

You typically can’t use wood slat panels within the bathroom, especially where they come into direct contact with water, but lucky for you, we have tiles that mimic the aesthetic of wood slats while remaining practical for the wetter areas of the home. Use the tiles to create a stunning shelving area, perfect for your soaps and toiletries, creating a luxurious spa-like bathroom feel.

Light wood slat wall tiles mimic wall panels in bathroom with plethora of plants and products.
Above, Nature’s Way Wood Slat Decor Tiles

The natural texture and look of the wood design across our award winning Nature’s Way tiles create the perfect relaxing bathroom environment, and that spa feel can be further enhanced with the introduction of plants and foliage for more of that natural goodness.

Light wood slat wall tiles mimic wall panels in bathroom with plethora of plants and products.
Above, Nature’s Way Wood Slat Decor Tiles

There you have our top light wood slat wall panel ideas, showcasing the various ways you can make the most out of our beloved Trepanel®. Be sure to tag us in pictures of them in your own home over on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing your designs!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard