If your interior spaces are long overdue for a makeover, and you’re browsing the internet for some must-have decorating ideas, allow me to introduce you to one of the hottest interior design trends right now! It’s called the industrial look. I’m going to show you how to achieve it in your home…

Above, Anchor Lis Tin Style Tiles

The industrial look: Where does it come from?

Designers looking for cheaper rents started to convert old factories and warehouses into livable accommodations. But not without certain elements and charms from these industrial buildings catching their eye! Industrial themes quickly made their way into the world of interior design; from surface coverings to reclaimed factorial furniture and heavy metal pendant lights. Now, the industrial look is a popular design trend for contemporary, cutting-edge homes across the UK.

Above, Yuri™ Basalt 90% Recycled Tiles

Yuri™ 90% Recycled Tiles

Yuri™ 90% Recycled Tiles have a raw, industrial feel that emanates the look of salvaged metals and concrete, with small details in their appearance like abrasions and oxidisation. Made from 90% recycled raw materials, water and minerals, with an eco-friendly manufacturing process and no compromise on quality and finish, these tiles are highly variegated, with multiple faces for a unique look.

Check out our blog, A Guide to Eco-Friendly Interior Design, for style inspiration.

Stunning Pendant Lights

My favourite part of the industrial trend is the gorgeous pendant lighting! From wire-framed bulbs to huge metal pendant shades, there is plenty to shout about when it comes to industrial lighting. So let there be light in your home this season, and invest in a stylish pendant. Want to tick off two trends with one stone? Opt for a copper pendant! Copper is a major colour trend right now, and it’s frequently used throughout the industrial trend.

Above, Yuri™ Rust 90% Recycled Tiles

For the Love of Concrete

You may have noticed that concrete flooring has shot up in popularity over the last year or so. I certainly have! This is due to – you’ve guessed it – the industrial look! Those charming old factories and warehouses I mentioned earlier? They would often have sturdy concrete flooring. The more marked and aged the concrete looked, the better, as the more personality and character it held! If you don’t have a bare concrete floor in your home, don’t worry – you can install some concrete effect tiles.

It’s not just flooring where concrete is being used! It’s also being introduced to kitchens in the form of work surfaces!

Above, Candour Charcoal Dark Grey Tiles and Terrazzo Hexagon Mottled Grey Porcelain Tile

Factorial Furniture

Browsing furniture stores online, you’ll notice more and more industrial themes. Often, factorial salvage is upcycled into trendy furniture. In the picture below, you’ll notice a factory cart that has been transformed into a coffee table! These little gems are perfect for building an industrial scheme in your home.

Above, Mist Chalk Concrete Effect Tiles

Bare Brick Walls

Another definitive characteristic of old Victorian factories and warehouses is their characterful bare brick walls! If you don’t have exposed brick walls in your bathroom, kitchen or living area, (if you live in a new build, for example), don’t worry – you can use brick slip effect tiles to create a realistic alternative. There are even-aged options for extra authenticity!

Above, Boutique Metallic Copper Brick Slip Tiles

Pipes on Show

As you might imagine, factories and warehouses had little cause to cover over any piping. Often, plumbing pipes would run along the walls exposed and unboxed. This is a recurring theme with industrial-looking projects that I’ve seen; with turn-cap valves instead of taps!

Above, Raku Black Tiles

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