Warm Up Your Home Ready for Winter with Underfloor Heating

What is electric underfloor heating?

Electric underfloor heating is the simple and most efficient way to heat your home. Suitable in any room and under any floor finish (plus with the added benefit of not needing a radiator) it will heat your room from the ground up, eliminating cold spots to provide a more comfortable living space for everyone.

Our range of underfloor heating is designed with a fully adhesive mesh for easy installation, along with twisted twin technology which reduces stress on the cables, making it safer to use. It is also designed with cables on the bottom of the mesh so that tiles are less likely to damage them when they are being laid.

What are the benefits of electric underfloor heating?

Electric underfloor heating is a cleaner, smarter way to heat your home at a lower price than traditional heating methods like radiators. Easy to install and simple to use, they provide a more comfortable way to warm your interiors.


Electric underfloor heating provides consistent warmth from the ground up. Traditional heating methods, like radiators, need to be set at a high temperature (between 65 and 75 degrees celsius) to effectively warm up a room, however, underfloor heating only needs to be set at 29 degrees or lower, consuming less energy and saving you money on bills.

Above, Gea Carved Calacatta Tiles

Effortless to run

Once installed, electric underfloor heating is effortless to run with accurate controls and rapid heat up time. Program your heating schedule or simply turn it on when needed, as our range of clever thermostats makes it easy to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Above, Ador Marble Effect Tiles


Electric underfloor heating can be installed in any room in your home and they are compatible with a large range of flooring materials – even tiles! Our range of underfloor heating has been designed specifically with tiles in mind, so you can avoid a shock in the morning as you venture into the bathroom…

Above, Deluxe Panda Gloss Black & White Marble Effect Tiles

Comfortable and safe

Conventional radiators work by heating up the air closest to them first, making rooms prone to cold spots, and they also need to reach a high temperature (around 65 -75 degrees celsius) to effectively heat up a room, which can cause the environment to become stuffy and uncomfortable. Underfloor heating, on the other hand, requires a much lower temperature to heat up a room (29 degrees celsius or below) and covers a larger surface area, making for a more comfortable environment with no cold spots.

In addition to this, underfloor heating is tucked neatly away out of sight and out of harm’s way, as the flooring above it won’t get too hot to the touch. Compared to traditional radiators which can be cumbersome and hazardous if children were to touch the hot surface or bump themselves on sharp edges, underfloor heating is a safer option for the home.

Above, Terrazzo Hexagon Mottled Grey Porcelain Tile

Easy to install

Our range of underfloor heating is fully self-adhesive which speeds up installation making it easier for self-levelling and tile fixing. Simply roll out the Mesh in a run to fit the space you are heating and then cut and turn (the mesh, not the wire) to turn a corner and start a new run.

Above, Parlor Sunkissed Birch Wood Effect Tiles

How do I install electric underfloor heating?

At Walls and Floors, we have a range of underfloor heating which is designed for installation under tile and stone floors, however, it is suitable under any floor finish with the appropriate installation elements. The heating cable is protected by the mesh and can be tiled over directly.

Tile and stone floor finishes are perfect for electric underfloor heating because they have a high thermal mass and high thermal conductivity. This means that they can deliver radiant heat quickly and retain heat well creating the perfect spread of heat. A layer of insulation should always be included to minimize downward heat loss and maximize the efficiency of your electric underfloor heating system.

The mesh in our underfloor heating stands alone as the very best electric underfloor heating mesh. The self-adhesive backing speeds up installation by holding the mesh to the substrate for easy self-levelling and tile fixing and the TwistedTwin cable construction creates a longer-lasting heating cable by minimising stresses within the cable construction.

TwistedTwin cable construction

The unique stress-free cable construction creates a longer-lasting heating cable with zero electromagnetic fields.

Full self adhesive mesh

The self-adhesive mesh speeds up installation by holding the mesh of the underfloor heating to the substrate for easy self-levelling and tile fixing.

Heating cable protection

The underfloor heating’s mesh is installed wire-side-down which means the heating cable is protected from damage during installation by the hard-wearing mesh.

Low profile cold tail

The cold tail is only 4mm thick so can be concealed within the tile adhesive layer.

Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson