White Metro Tiles in the Bathroom: 10 Customer Projects

When it comes to tiling a bathroom wall, you can’t go wrong with classic White Metro Tiles, as our customers have discovered! Here are 10 super stylish bathroom projects sent in by our customers, where brick shaped tiles are king…

1) Classic brickbond

Robin over at @rewm used our traditional Retro Metro Tiles to create a class brickbond wall in his shower. We love the pop of colour offered by the houseplant, and the gathering of vintage toiletries on the bar stool!


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2) Vertical layout

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your tile layout! White Metro Tiles are small enough and versatile enough to get creative. Rebecca over at @rebecca.wakefield stacked hers in vertical columns, and it looks fantastic.


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3) Bath time beautiful

Laura at @laura_laundry_cottage tiled her walls and the side of her bath with some stylish Smooth White Metro Tiles. This helps to tie the tub in with the overall look of the room.

Top tip: If you want to tile your tub, we advice fitting a removable, hardy panel first, in case you need access to piping at a later date.

4) A stylish contrast

It’s a growing trend to use darker grout with white metro tiles. This contrast really helps to make the tiles ‘pop’ and stand out! Here, @sara_lou_c has done exactly this in her gorgeous summery sanctuary.


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5) Elongated design

White metro tiles come in all shapes and sizes these days, as @gemshome_ discovered when she found our stylish Lissome Tiles! Longer and thinner than a classic brick tile, they offer an entirely different look, and look fabulous beside Gemma’s bath tub.


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6) Vintage appeal

What we love most about white metro tiles is that they’re timeless, which means they suit any style of property – from Victorian, through to modern. That’s probably why Jen at @that.1920s.house used our classic metros in her stylish vintage bathroom.

7) Versatile style

White metro tiles tie in fantastically with any scheme or trend, which is why they work so beautifully with this lively Mediterranean scheme from @tiffanytruly_. If she ever decides to change her scheme, she can leave the metro tiles in place, because they’re work perfectly with the next look too!


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8) Perfect with paint

It’s increasingly common to have white metro tiles going half way up the wall, and then to have a moody, dark paint take over towards the ceiling. That’s exactly the look @spacestolove has created in this bathroom project, and we think the contrast between light and dark looks fantastic.


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9) Marble magnificent

As mentioned earlier, white metro tiles come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and @charliepallett has discovered one such variation in our Marble Metro Tiles. Pretty similar to a classic bevelled brick tile, they have the stylish addition of marble effect veining, which adds a rich luxurious look to a wall space.


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10) Bright and glossy

Classic metro tiles have been used from ceiling to floor in this gorgeous bathroom scheme from @hygge_for_home. Their glossy surfaces will bounce light around the room; creating a bright, uplifting atmosphere to relax and unwind in.


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There you have it – 10 bathroom projects, sent in by our customers, where metros are centric!

Browse our selection of white metro tiles today, order some free sample tiles, and give your bathroom that much-needed makeover!