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Multi-Size Modular Floor Tiles

Our Bestselling Multi-Size Modular Floor Tiles

Multi-Size Modular Floor Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Mix and match a captivating display with our staggering variety of Multi-Size Floor Tiles. Piece together a creative flooring for any room in your house.

For a warm, majestic feel, try our Manor Stone Floor Tiles. These stone effect tiles give you the 'natural' look without the 'natural' price tag.

Amaze your friends with our fantastic wood-effect Forest Tiles. These give you the realistic appearance of a luxury wooden floor.

All tiles come with our Price Beat Promise.

Reasons to Buy Multi-Size Modular Floor Tiles

When it comes to tiling a wall or floor, set your standards high. Don’t simply set out to create a plain, boring backdrop for your bathroom, kitchen or living area. Strive to create something a little more interesting! When it comes to the layout of your tiling display, you can’t get much more striking than with modular multi sized tiles. 

What does ‘modular’ mean? Modular simply means multi-sized. A mixture of different sizes and shapes. In terms of tiling, a modular layout would be exactly that – a jigsaw puzzle of squares and rectangles both large and small. 

A more interesting layout 

Whether you’re tiling a wall or floor space, ask yourself the question – what would look more interesting, as I step into this room? A layout using the same sized tile; laid out in a grid-like formation of rows and columns… or an elaborate fusing of different shapes and sizes; put together in an eye-catching, inter-locking arrangement? The second option, right? That’s where our selection of Modular Multi-sized Tiles comes into fruition. 

Stone and stone effect: Modular classics 

When it comes to choose modular multi sized tiles, one design that will crop up time and time again is the natural option. Either real stone or slate, or a stone effect equivalent. Stone has been used to cover floors in a modular formation for thousands of years. That’s why, here at Walls and Floors, you’ll find a good offering of modular stone and stone effect designs. For example, our Country Farmhouse Slate Tiles have a multi-sized option; ideal for injecting a rustic, traditional look in a kitchen, bathroom or entrance hallway. Alternatively, if you wanted to opt for a stone effect design, try our Enigma Tiles. They can be used both indoors and outdoors! 

But which is better? Natural stone tiles, or stone effect tiles? The difference, really, comes down for the look you want to achieve, and the budget you have. If you want to know that you forked out the extra money to get the real thing, then natural tiles are probably the way to go. However, they require treatment (sealing) and maintenance. Therein lies the benefit of stone effect tiles. Whilst the latest printing technology makes stone effect tiles look as realistic as possible, they are also cheaper than the real thing, and they don’t require constant cleaning and maintenance. You can simply lay them, and leave them alone. 

Don’t forget those wall spaces 

Modular designs aren’t only for floor tiles! We also have a selection of multi sized mosaic tiles; most notably, our Essence Glass Mosaic Tiles collection. They consist of a mix of glass, metal, and mirrored squares in different sizes; arranged into an interesting, eye-catching layout. They are perfect for introducing a splashback to a kitchen wall space. 

Why buy multi sized modular tiles from Walls and Floors? 

If you’ve spotted a couple of designs you like the look of, but you can’t decide between them, then take advantage of our sample service! For a discounted cost, we’ll send you a full size sample tile with Free Delivery. Take a look up close. Get a feel for the finish and the texture. Hold it up to the wall area you’re tiling, or lay it down on the floor space in question – see how it looks in situ – and then make your buying decision. We also offer free cut samples! 

Unlike other tile suppliers, we won’t leave you in the dark, if you need a little advice about your tiling project. Fire your questions over to Paul Collins – the Tile Guru. He’s the resident tiling expert here at Walls and Floors, and no query is too big or too small for him to handle! 

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