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Tile Cleaning & Maintenance Ideas from Walls and Floors

Tiling is a very personalised way of decorating a wall or floor space. You research different styles and identify a tasteful look. You find a few designs you like and then order a few samples to be doubly sure. Eventually, you settle on a layout, and a fitting grout colour. Then, you can either lovingly do the work yourself, or pay a professional to do it. Finally, you’re left with the finished result – something that completes the picture and suits your own personal style. Wouldn’t it be a shame, after all that, for your tiles to become discoloured or spoiled in some way? That’s where our selection of tile cleaning and maintenance products come in handy! 

LTP: The best in the business 

When it comes to products for sealing, cleaning, and maintaining tiles of all materials, there is one name that is synonymous with quality – LTP. Here at Walls and Floors, we have worked closely with LTP with several years to provide our customers with the best tile care products on the market. 

LTP have a huge library of tile cleaning and maintenance products to a) help protect your tiles from water damage and discolouration, b) help keep them as clean and vibrant as the day you bought them and c) to help keep those grout joints spotless. 

Crackle glaze protector 

An increasingly popular tiling trend is the crackle glaze finish. Certain tile designs have a stylish and definitive crackled shell; ideal for creating that sought after vintage, shabby-chic look in a kitchen or bathroom. One such range is our selection of Antique Crackle Metro Tiles. There’s no denying that the effect is fantastic. However, these ‘cracks’ are like open wounds on the surface of the tile. And if you grout them before you seal them, the dye in the grout can seep into the cracks and discolour the tile. Therefore, it’s crucial to seal the tiles prior to grouting using crackle glaze protector – but if you’re using a tiler, he should be able to take care of this for you, and will have extensive knowledge of tile cleaning and maintenance products. If he’s unsure though, he can always ask Paul Collins, the Tile Guru – our resident tiling expert.  

Protect your natural stone 

Although we have a fantastic selection of realistic stone effect tiles, sometimes there’s no substitute for having the real thing. Natural stone tiles allow you to bring a slice of that natural world into your home. However, natural stones such as travertine, slate, limestone, marble and granite are all very porous. They absorb moisture and dirt, which eventually ruins the tile appearance. Again, that’s where LTP’s tile cleaning and maintenance products come into play. On all of our natural stone products, we recommend the best LTP sealer and cleaner to protect the tile, and to keep it looking as good as new. 

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