9 Fab Kitchen Ideas From Customers

Wood effect kitchen floor tiles

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a refresh this season and you’re in need of inspiration, then you’ve come to the right blog! It’s full of fab real-life customer projects where kitchen spaces have been transformed from boring and bland to stylish and swoonworthy…

Rustic wood effect tiles kitchen floor

1) Jessica’s Industrial Kitchen

When Jessica came to refreshing her kitchen area, she opted for one of the most prominent trends the interior design world has to offer – the industrial look. Rustic Oak Wood Effect Tiles were the call of the day, and they formed the perfect base to this wonderful scheme!

Alive with knots and texture, they’re extremely lifelike and add plenty of character! More and more homeowners are seizing to keep their kitchens and dining areas as two separate rooms. Rather, they are merging the two in open plan kitchen diners.

Reclaimed wood effect tiles

2) Kath’s Reclaimed Splashback

We love people who think outside the box! Most people use our Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles on the floor. But Kath isn’t most people. When she saw this characterful porcelain range, she thought ‘those would look good as a kitchen splashback.’ And she was not wrong!

Kath used these tiles to create a varied and interesting splashback behind her work surfaces, sink and hob! They instantly inject character and personality, and they look fantastic – they make the kitchen look like it belongs in a picturesque rustic cabin.

becky's colourful kitchen floor

3) Becky’s Patterned Floor

Becky’s narrow, windowless kitchen was lacking a bit of panache, so she took action! Adding colourful pattern tiles to a floor space, and creating a statement floor, is a great way of inject character and personality into an otherwise plain or bland room.

Becky knew this all too well, so she decided to install our Louane Pattern Tiles! The contrasting plain cream cupboard doors really help to bring out the pattern and colour in the floor tiles!

tracey pattern kitchen meknes tiles

4) Tracy’s Striking Splashback

Tracy added character to her kitchen by introducing a stylish patterned splashback behind the cooker and worktop. A splashback is an easily wipeable surface that stands behind a sink or hob and catches any pan fat or moisture; protecting the wall behind. But just because a splashback is functional, that doesn’t mean it can’t look stylish, and visually add something to the room.

Tracy used our Meknes Tiles to brighten up her kitchen. They consist of a patchwork of patterned designs.

5) Carl’s Rustic Look

Carl’s kitchen was nothing to write home about – it had bland, ageing white floor tiles and beige cabinetry, and he’d grown tired of it. That’s why he decided to give it an overhaul!

He stripped out the old units, added a stylish dark work top, and swapped that dull flooring for some super-lifelike, gorgeous wood effect Barn Tiles! We think you’ll agree – the transformation is amazing. Wood effect tiles are durable and hard-wearing and, unlike natural wood, they’re zero maintenance!

teresa quartz tiles

6) Teresa’s Sparkling Quartz Tiles

Teresa watching to inject a bit of glitz and sparkle into her kitchen, so she opted for our stunning Quartz Tiles! Made from glistening pieces of quartzite under a shimmering polished finish, these fab tiles also contain flecks of mirror, which catch the light as you walk around the room, and they sparkle like diamonds, or stars in a night sky!

They add a very luxurious, voguish and ritzy look to Teresa’s kitchen floor! To carry on the shimmer and sparkle between the tiles, try our glitter grout!

mark mirror mosaic tile kitchen splashback

7) Mark’s Reflective Kitchen Backdrop

Some people opt for patterned tiles for a kitchen splashback whilst other people opt for textured split face designs. Mark, though, went for shimmering mirror mosaic tiles! Mirror tiles are fantastic in interior settings for several reasons. Firstly, and most widely known, mirrors help to make a room seem larger.

That’s because they show the room back to us – creating the illusion of extra depth. Secondly, mirror tiles help to make any room seem brighter, because they bounce around whatever light is available.

8) Paul’s Parquet Look

Paul used our parquet effect Vintage Wood Tiles to bring his kitchen floor to life! They have a lifelike wood effect design, with a parquet layout, to create the illusion of a lovingly carpentered floor. This is ideal for welcoming a vintage, luxury look into a kitchen space!

Made from porcelain, our Vintage Wood Tiles are durable and hard wearing, and they don’t require the ongoing treatment and maintenance that natural wooden flooring demands!

9) Ginka’s Vintage Kitchen Floor

Ginka wanted to inject a charming vintage look into her kitchen, and wanted to do away with the bland stone effect tiles in place on her floor. Her prayers were answered when she found our Harran Tiles, which have a gorgeous antique pattern; ideal for transporting a room back to the styles of yesteryear.

With their wonderfully ornate vintage look, they are perfect for creating a statement floor in a kitchen space!

kat reclaimed wood splashback tiles

There you have it – 10 fab kitchen ideas, taken straight from real-life customer projects!